Get the Family Clothes Organized Before the New School Year!

I was at this presentation in the video above, featuring AnnMarie Norton, back at the Family Forum in March 2014. She teaches you how to simplify storing clothes and rotating laundry by having a family closet in the laundry room. I first heard about the “family closet” idea from the Duggars. Here’s a video below about it.

I felt discouraged for sometime after I heard about the Duggar system, as my laundry room is the size of a small closet. It’s not even big enough to set up an ironing board. Then I finally realized, hey I could use the storage room across the hall. So I am finally taking the plunge and purging my family storage room, right across the hall from my tiny laundry room, so that I can have a family closet like in the video above. I am hoping that it will cut down on the mess in the boys’ room by getting rid of the dressers. I like that with this system, you don’t have to rotate clothes in and out of bedrooms at the change of seasons or when kids grow out of their clothes. Who wants to join me in purging and making more room and time for the things that matter most? Think of all the time you and the kids will save not putting clothes away in bedrooms.

Here’s another mom’s laundry system. I would love to hear from any of you how you manage the laundry and out of season clothes in your home.

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