Super News for Holistic-Minded Missionary Mamas!

This is me with my missionary son. He comes home in three months! We are so excited. He gets to be in Mayberry right now. I’m so jealous!

Did you know that there is now an officially approved program for church missionaries to be able to receive chiropractic treatments for a very affordable co pay of $10?  They just need to go to a DMBA approved provider.  The providers’ network is being built world wide.  Go to for more information on how the program works.  Or better yet, please direct your mission presidents/ mission moms/nurses and area medical advisors to this website so they can get familiar with the system.  Its as simple as getting any provider in the world DMBA approved.  The church will pay up to $60 for a single treatment and then your missionary just pays a small $10 co-pay.  

Isn’t this great news for missionaries?  I’m thrilled that our missionaries can now go to doctors who understand the importance of spinal alignment and will treat the missionaries holistically.  
Again here is the website to send to your mission presidents and area medical advisors:
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