Free Downloads About Childhood Vaccines for Holistic-Minded Mamas

Have you heard the news? My friends at LDS Holistic Living are offering two free downloads to aid in getting educated about childhood vaccines. We all won’t our children to be healthy and happy. Where do vaccinations fit into the equation of vibrant health and happiness? Get these downloads to aid in this decision that you can’t avoid as a parent. Don’t delay in downloading them, they are available for FREE until midnight Sept. 1. Here is the scoop:

……All last week a major story broke that the mainstream media has ignored. 

(Editor’s note: you can read the story HEREbut claims it isn’t true, HERE.)

But we haven’t!  
In case you haven’t heard, a CDC whistleblower has come forward revealing the fraud he committed on a vaccine/autism study back in 2004 that reveals a 340% autism risk increasein males vaccination on schedule with the MMR.  There are several links below that you can read to get info on this story that has new revelations everyday. 

Because of this, here at LDS Holistic Living we have been getting questions and emails in regards to this and vaccines in general.  To aid you in your journey regarding vaccines, we have made 2 audio downloads on vaccines free untilMonday, Sept 1 at midnight.


Use coupon code: GIBSON to redeem the 2011presentation “The Childhood Vaccinations Controversy” by Dr. Robert Gibson here.

Use coupon code:   STITCHER to redeem the2013 presentation ” Vaccines, Know the Facts” by Dr. Kristina Stitcher here.


The fine people from The Greater Good have made their movie free to watch until Tuesday (9/2) at 4am.

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