Who Says Summer is Over? The Freedom of Homeschooling!

So while the big boys were off playing at  ‪#‎mksummit14‬ (Mastering Knighthood Summit 2014) I took up my friend Katie’s offer to go play at the “beach,” aka Pineview Reservoir. Who says summer is over? The two little ones and I hopped in her awesomely rare 9 seater diesel powered Excursion and off we went into the mountains. It was a wonderful refreshing afternoon after doggedly working for over three weeks on my end of summer purge of two basement storage rooms in order to create a Family Clothes Closet. This dejunking is one of my Girl Goals. I almost went to bed three nights ago without doing my Girl Goal of dejunking for 30 minutes a day. As I had my Date With God before I went to bed (which consists of writing in my journal and checking off my boxes as to whether I did my scripture reading, AM and PM prayers, journal writing for the day, and three Girl Goals) I remembered that I hadn’t done my dejunking goal for the day. I was so dumbfounded. Seriously!? After the initial shock of realizing I would not be going to bed anytime soon, I went to the basement to keep organizing the main storage room. It felt soooo good to know I kept that commitment to myself, even though it was 11:30 when I did it.

After three weeks (with constant interruptions) of dejunking I am not done yet. That’s the way it goes, right, moms? I just have to keep reminding myself that the pace I am going is OK and it’s OK if such and such corner or shelf is not done by the end of the day, and if a room is not done by the end of the week. So this beach trip was a nice break. Aww, the freedom of homeschooling. I love it! We had our first day of Commonwealth School the day before. Here’s my baby, at five years old, with his buddy, Katie’s son, pictured below.

Katie is the chairman of the board of our Commonwealth. She is writing a supercool TJED curriculum for under 12s (core and love of learning phases) to be used in a group setting, like a Commonwealth. It’s called House of the Book. It’s God and family-based, with a framework of the Hebrew alphabet. I hop to blog about it soon. Hop over here to her web site to learn more. We used the first year of the curriculum (all written and published now!) last year and now we are off to year 2. I am so glad I took a break and made these memories with Katie and our children. It was a gorgeous summer afternoon! Thank you Katie!

This is Katie’s sweet daughter. She was wearing a beautiful swimsuit from Diane Hopkins’ SwimModest swimwear line.

I took a picnic and came up with a simple wrap to bring. It tasted so yummy! Just take a tortilla of your choice (hopefully made of sprouted or soaked flour) and then melt some cheese on it, then add a slice of meat and some avocado, then roll it up. It tasted simply divine. I also brought some of my homemade lacto-fermented pickles and that zippy taste added the finishing touch to my picnic lunch.

After we came home I got to do my dejunking and then it was off on another picnic, a date with my husband at the park to pick up my older son from the Summit debriefing for the Master Knights. It was a great family day. I am so grateful that I have the freedom to spend time with family and friends like this.

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