How to Help Your Family Find the Highest Good from the Highest One

I was delighted to discover this video today. It is of a presentation by Jill Bigelow, a mom and grandma. She also happens to share grandchildren with LaDawn Jacob, who I shared about last week. I have certain friends that I am hoping to share grandchildren with someday. Anyway, I listened to it while I dejunked some of my homeschooling stuff. Yes, the great end-of-summer purge at the Shumway home continues. It feels so good! I am finding missing puzzle and game pieces, tons of stuff to throw away, my missing fabric scissors that I was desperately yearning for (score!), a sewing box in great condition that my Grandma gave me when I was a child that I can’t wait to fill up for my daughter’s birthday, and best of all, empty space and organization! I listened to Jill a year ago and blogged about it here. I felt led by the Spirit to go hear her and was richly rewarded as the Spirit inspired me to institute a family worship hour every morning before we go our separate ways. As far as I can tell, this video is the same presentation as she did a year ago. In the spirit of family love, hard work, self-government, and Christian living (think Duggars with an LDS bent), I present this video to you!

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