New Class to Strengthen Your Spiritual Core: Discovering Intelligent Design Through Symbol and Story in the Scriptures

Do you know how awesome the Bible and the Hebrew language are?
Martin Luther once said, “If I were younger I would want to learn this language [i.e. Hebrew],for without it one can never properly understand the Holy Scriptures. For that reason they have said correctly: ‘The Jews drink out of the original spring, The Greeks drink out of the stream flowing out of the stream, The Latins, however, out of the puddle.”
— Martin Luther (1483-1546)
Provide yourself and your children a solid Hebraic foundation in “The Book” which has endured time.  

The House of the Book* (scroll down to see a definition of the House of The Bookis an aspect of the Hebrew Way.  It was an organic lifestyle which unlocked the inward abilities of the True Self.  For us today, only after our House of the Book has been nurtured, can we really enter The House of Study.  
The first step to understanding the House of the Book is to unlock the mystery of the Hebrew language.

I am so excited to be teaching this class! My awesome friend Katie Hansen of  The Gathering Place for Families and The House of the Book created this course to learn the symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet. This helps give a foundation to homeschool all subjects. She has asked me to teach this class this fall!
It’s called:
Discovering Intelligent Design Through Symbol & Story 
It is an 11 week Online Study of Ancient Symbols, Numbers and Stories found in the Bible.

We will use the Hebrew Alphabet and Stories as an outline to discover 
symbol, shape and number in the Old and New Testaments.  Be prepared to be inspired and see your pattern recognition ability increase to inspire a love of study! This is for moms who want to inspire in their children a love of learning. It will also help

The Work for this class will be: 

  •        Start reading Straight Edge, String and Shadows and The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet before class begins. 
  •        Sharediscuss and discover!
  •       Discover the Symbols, Shapes & Numbers in your own Core Book
  •        Teach one of the Hebrew letters.
  •        Write your thoughts to questions for each letter.
  •        Do a Multiple-Layered Study on Common Hebrew Words from the Bible.


When:     Wednesday afternoons, October 29th 2014 – Jan. 21 2015 (we will take two weeks off for Christmas)
Time:       1 to 3 PM Mountain Time U.S.A. 
Where:    Online. In your own home.
Tuition Cost:        $99.00 if you sign up by the early bird deadline of October 10th, after that, cost goes up to $149
Please register by paypaling $99 to Celestia Shumway by using the account info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com by Oct. 10th midnight. Save $10 by enrolling a friend! Just put a note on the comments section in paypal when you and the friend register.
Materials Cost: please purchase The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet by Michael L. Munk.

also the Hebrew Alphabet Sketchbook, pictured below:


If you’d like to have the unique Hebrew Sketchbook to take notes in,
Order the 5×8 Hebrew Sketchbook HERE

  • If you’d like to buy a PDF version of this Hebrew Sketchbook in an 8 x 10 size, send $7.50 through PayPAL  to Katie at katie (at) gatheringplaceforfamilies (dot) org, and she will send it to you

*What is the House of the Book?

In an earlier Biblical Hebrew culture, the first lessons in a child’s education, in hisHouse of the Book, came from the Books of Moses which teach God’s laws.   These entail the first and most important relationship with God as the Sovereign King and His children as Vassal Kings and of honor and obedience to His laws and the blessings that are attached.
For example, for most of America, it is common knowledge that the Beings on this Earth are children of a God and Creator of some kind, and, as we Beings follow the laws and principles of releasing our pains and sorrows to Christ, wereceive the blessings of peace, love and joy.
As we center our life education on “the Book,” Laws and Principles of Truth and God, we will be developing a relationship with the Author of those Laws and the knowledge and understanding of how this Lawgiver works in our lives.
The “House” can be explained by looking at the principles of the Hebrew Alphabet.  Each letter is a symbol and has many meanings, not just a sound, like the English alphabet.   The name of the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is Beit.  It is spoken as “buy-it” with an accent on the second syllable.  This word, Beit, represents a House or that which is within the house.  Some of the other meanings of this second letter are:  a sanctuary, a temple or what is within those places.  Some other explanations are:  A house that houses a family within its walls;  A body which houses our spirits within;  A place of growth in understanding the many paradoxes of life.  Within a “house,” relationships are the key lessons and the personal relationship of coming to truly know our Maker is primary.


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