Things that Made Me Smile in August 2014

I am so behind on blog posts! I have about a million in my drafts folder. Here’s one of my fun times last month! I got to go to the 2014 Moms’ Retreat, organized by Melanie Ballard, the cute brunette smiling above. They had a leadership session early in the day on Friday for the cabin mothers and board. That’s me up on the rope ladder, focused on my steps. It was fun and I wasn’t nearly as scared as I was when I did a similar course two years ago. I had a healing experience up there, which I wrote about here.

We got to have a pizza dinner and go hiking with cousins from Colorado. The night ended all too soon! They come out about once a year. I wish they lived closer! My nephew on the left was pouting because he was just told it was time to go home, even though we hadn’t finished the hike, because they had an hour drive ahead of them before bedtime. So sad, :-(.

Warrior son got a bow and arrow for his birthday, which was the day of the Moms’ Retreat. We had a luscious birthday party breakfast (with the works: bacon, eggs, waffles, real cream, maple syrup, berries, and more) for him the day before his actual birthday and then it was off to the ropes course for the Moms’ Retreat the very next morning! I was so proud of myself for planning ahead and knowing his birthday was on the same day as the retreat so I got his present early. No scrambling this year, which used to be my old self. My Mothers Who Know course has totally helped me transform. 

My husband’s side of the family had a Hilton Family Reunion at This is the Place State Park, in this lovely building financed by Larry H. Miller. My college attending daughter and her second cousin are in the photo below. I didn’t even know you could have family reunions there! I love family reunions! Seeing where each one is held on my side and dh’s side increases my vision of all the different ways they can happen.The reunion deserves a whole blog post of its own, maybe I will do it soon. I caught some cool pictures, including one of the prettiest jello 7-layer dessert that has ever appeared this side of the Great Salt Lake. Stay tuned!

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