Did You Know Corrie Ten Boom Wrote a Book About Life Before the Hiding Place?

All my friends rave about The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and justifiably so. It is such a beautiful, loving story about the power of a family to create its own culture of love and caring that reaches beyond cultural borders to stand up for what’s right. My dear friend Katie Hansen has created a “TJED” based project for core phase children called “The Ten Boom project.” It’s an education for young children based on organic principles. You can get a taste for it here at her House of the Book web site. 

I met someone a while back who had never even heard of The Hiding Place, in my disbelief. I urged her to read it because how can someone go around not knowing about the wonderful ten Boom family and their heroic rescue of some Jews in World War II. If you haven’t read it, please do. It will be one of the best books you ever read.

Did you know there’s a book about Corrie’s life as a child? Yes, it’s called In My Father’s House. I read it in August and feel my life is so much richer and better for reading it. I will be putting up some of my favorite little stories and nuggets of truth about it in the next while, I hope.

Here’s one cute story from the book that plugs ecological breastfeeding and natural child spacing: Casper, Corrie’s father, didn’t like pacifiers for babies because he thought they were “telling a lie to a baby.” Fooling them into thinking they are getting something for all of their sucking. One more reason why I like that man! 

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