Mothers Who Know for January 2015

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the daily grind of life ? Would you like to change that feeling so you feel like doing a Rocky run every day ?

Are you joyful about the upcoming holidays, but also a little blue thinking about the dreary, drab winter months that come afterwards? 

Do you have pre-addictive tendencies that make you think, “I don’t even want to think about New Year’s resolutions! I always fail at them!”

Are you dealing with a loved one who has addictions and you want to learn how to be cheerful despite the issues of your friend, husband or child?

Would you like to feel more connected to God so that you can unleash your consistent, creative powers that will release happy brain chemicals for fighting the winter blues?

Do you want to learn how to write in your journal in a way that transforms your life?

Come learn how to be consistent in daily spiritually, physically, and family-fortifying actions. This way you will be fighting the adversary’s sneaky, subtle tactics inside your head, so you can make 2015 the best year ever!


A Christmas Discount for the


January Mothers Who Know Class!

sign up by Friday December 19th

and save $22!

Register for $75 by midnight MT Dec. 19th instead of the early bird price of $97 and the regular price of $147!


Give yourself a Christmas gift that will nurture you and affect you for the rest of your life!

The January 2015 Mothers Who Know Class will be:


from 1 to 3 PM MT

2 to 4 PM CT

3 to 5 PM ET

noon to 2 PM PT

starts January 9 2015

8 weeks long

ends February 27

we meet over the internet and phone

via Zoom service.

So you can join us as long as you have long-distance or Internet service

Please register by going to and paying me, Celestia Shumway,  the tuition

$75 if done by Friday Dec. 19th midnight

$97 if done by Friday Dec. 26th midnight

or $147 if done after that

using the account

info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com

or you can mail me a check

call me at 801-544-7548 to get my address

You will also need to buy the class materials, which includes the book, pictured below, a DVD, and a link to Maurice Harker’s recordings

Call 1-877-HERO-877 to buy this kit of class materials

This book is about how young men can recover from porn addictions but the principles apply to any addiction or pre-addictive tendency

Here is what others are saying about the class:


I just had to write and ‘report in’- I completed my 8th day today! This is the first time I have made it past 3 days, and it feels good.  I have made a few changes that have given some of my time back to me and I am amazed at what I can do when I do not have the drag of being overburdened pulling me down.  I can see that without sincere desire and commitment, my newfound time could easily be frittered away or re-allocated to other good things, but I have keenly felt the absence of consistent PoWeR actions and remain committed to using my newfound time for them. One key for me to be able to be consistent has been to get up earlier, stay up, and do my GRL PWR actions first. That theme was repeated over and over during our class and I am finding it to be true for me also!

Thanks again for the great class.  While I was not as successful during the course as I would have liked to be, I feel the time I spent there helped keep this battle in the forefront of my mind and set me up to be in my current successful position. Thank you again!

Much love,

T.M., Utah

Hi Celestia,

I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching and mentoring me in the Mother’s Who Know Class. It was sooo beneficial. There were so many wonderful things about it. One think I particularly loved was how it has helped me to be more aware of where I’m at on the Chemical Scale. Just that knowledge is absolutely priceless.

I also really appreciated the fact that even though I’ve never met you, I felt like you actually cared about me! Not only me, but the other students as well. You could recognize our voices and really lead a path to self discovery.

I’ve struggled recently with various things, particularly being highly guilt prone and perfectionistic, and I feel like this class helped me start to have tools to step out those negative habits. I’ve been using a drill and I know it’s helping me!! As a missionary, I will still utilize what I’ve learned.

Once again, I just want you to know how grateful I am for my chance to be a part of your class! It has changed my life for the better.


N.N., Oregon

See you in the class!

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