LDS Perpetual Advent Calendar and Other Christmas Advent Activities

How will you share the gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas?

I hope you also #sharethegift by sharing the above video through your social media outlets. No matter our problems or challenges, we each have the gift of Jesus Christ available to us. Without him, we would have no hope. With Him, we have all the hope that is possible, to rise above our current circumstances and have eternal life and happiness!

Here is a Christmas advent that tells the story of the Nativity, a little bit each day, by one of my other favorite bloggers. 

If you are up to more high energy ideas of Advent activities, here are a grundel of them, collected by Jordan Page over at one my new favorite blogs,

The Best Advent Calendar/Christmas Activities for Kids! (a roundup)

Photo Credit: Jordan from

I will also be sharing some links to other Christmas stories I find during the season. Merry Christmas!

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