“My Dad is My Best Friend” and More Gems from Some Bates Family Videos

The Bates Family from Lake City, Tennessee are good friends of the Duggars. Both families homeschool, and both families have 19 kids. I actually fell in love with the Bates family first, when I saw a special that ABC TV did about them a few years ago. (Here’s my first blog post I ever did about the Duggars and the Bates with part of the video clip of the first video I saw of the Bates.) The above video is a great example of happiness in a family. It shows the family working together to do the household chores and then having fun together at a restaurant having dessert after learning proper behavior for going out. It’s a good reminder to me of what Nicholeen Peck teaches, to prep your children before you go out about the proper way to act. I also like, how at the end of the video, one of the older boys says that his dad is his best friend. It’s so sweet! Then the dad, Gil, talks about how he started thinking about his risky job of running a tree business. He wanted to make sure that if he ever died on the job, his kids would know that he loved them. So he wrote them each a letter telling them so. I really teared up at this. 

Now the Bates family has their own show like the Duggars. Their original show that started over a year ago got dropped, called, The United Bates of America. But now they have a new show called Bringing Up Bates. I’ve posted a few videos about them here. It’s refreshing to see families who live simple wholesome lives, working and playing together, striving to follow the Bible. In the video below, it shows them having an “I Love You” party for Valentine’s Day. Maybe we will try something like that in my family. I teared up at the end of this one too.

Now, below, here’s the premiere episode of Bringing Up Bates. I love the way that Alyssa, one of the married daughters, decided to announce her pregnancy. It’s so fun to see her family swarming around her, taking pictures of her.

Then here’s a fun blog that Gill Bates’ sister-in-law writes. She homeschools as well and occasionally posts pictures of the Bates, like from weddings. Last but not least, here is the blog that Kelly Bates owns.

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