Simplest Budgeting Technique for Busy Moms Ever!

Many of you probably have financial goals for the new year. The above budgeting and tracking technique from Jordan Page of is the best one I’ve seen yet for busy moms. She ought to know, she has four kids four and under! It allows you to keep track of you what you spend on the spot after purchases, so you don’t go over budget, without carrying around a ton of envelopes. It makes so much sense! Thanks Jordan! 

Jordan has another great idea about how to manage the family finances: have seven, yes, seven accounts! She explains it all over here. I think it all sounds great, but I do have a question that might stump her. What do you do when your husband is a business owner and his income fluctuates wildly. You have no idea how much he is going to earn. It’s hard to budget when there’s not a certain X amount to count on. 

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