March 2015 Session of Mothers Who Know Registration and Giveaway!

This is me with my dear circle of friends that started in the mid 1990s, when my two oldest kids were babies. Our group is called Veggie Gals and we have the best food and conversations while our kids play.

It’s time for another session of Mothers Who Know! 

Mothers Who Know

A Book of Mormon-based Addiction Prevention Mentoring Course for LDS Moms

over the phone and online in a Zoom classroom

(you can use the phone or the Internet to participate)

Friday afternoons

classes are recorded


March 20 to May 8 2015


1 to 3 PM MT

12 noon to 2 PM PT

2 to 4 PM CT

3 to 5 PM ET

for LDS Mothers Who Want to Mentor their Families to Be Addiction Proof

The Book of Mormon-based principles used in this course, when applied, will help any mother to minimize self-betrayal tendencies, so she can succeed at daily habits and goals. She can also then mentor her children to be self-disciplined, which is necessary for staying away from addictions. The Book of Mormon, as Pres. Benson said, was written for our day, for so many reasons. I am convinced that one reason was to teach us how to fight battles against satan, not just physical battles, but the battles he starts in our heads.

Cost is $199

That is $149 for the tuition and $50 for the materials kit (includes Like Dragons Did They Fight book, link to Maurice Harker’s recordings, DVD, and Girl Power Journal).

If you register by Friday March 6 midnight MT you can get the early bird price of only $99!

Please go over here to get all of the details so you can register!

If you would like to enter for a chance to win a free registration (free tuition, you still pay for materials), please comment below and tell me why you would like to win. A random drawing will take place on Wed. March 4 around 7 PM MT.

Here is a testimonial from a mom who took the class last summer:

“This note will be hugely inadequate to express my gratitude for your Mothers Who Know Class, yet it will have to suffice. Your class has changed my life because I have learned to recognize in myself the process that happens before I succumb to temptation. And if can identify what happens before I sin, then I can take action before I ‘lose control’ and win my battles against the prince of darkness, this is invaluable! You can’t put a price on that! And not only that, it will be something I can teach to my children which will affect them eternally as well. This class will give them tools to combat satan and prevent heart-wrenching addiction. This class has been eternally impactful for good! Thank you so much!

God bless you!

With love,


mom from Oregon

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