Come Have Fun at the House Celebration!

Welcome to the Celebration!  


A new way to join together nourishing heart, mind, body & soul.  We hope you come along with your family!  
Join us on March 28, 2015 at the Promontory Hall on the Salt Lake Fairgrounds for: 

  • Contra-dancing.  America’s circular folk dance.
  • Sharing Our Common Story.  The Universal Story which every child of God on the earth travels. Shared through storytelling and Enzio Busche’s Keynote.
  • Singing together beautiful songs sharing this story.
  • Fiddling 
  • Hoop dancing 
  • Soaked grains, Cultured foods
  • Family story building & search 
  • Cousin Camp games
  • Rope contests
  • Essential Oils demonstrations
  • Musical Instrument demonstrations
  • Garden growing helps 
  • Mastering Thoughts & Words on Canvas/Wood
  • Etc.
The schedule is coming soon!
We are adding new vendors every day which will provide more hands-on learning experiences or demonstrations in our Project booths.   To learn more… click here.
Why are we doing this?  We have felt the call to help gather, build and unite community, as well as to share The Universal Story of mankind through many healing & natural learning environments.  All that we are offering nourishes our entire Being, which helps us come to recognize, become aware, learn more of who we are and ultimately connect with our Creator.    
Register Here
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Join with your family and friends.  $30 per family  price EXTENDED until March 13th! Register now so you don’t forget
Register as a Family
Join as a Vendor by This Friday, March 6th for the  $75  rate.    After Friday, the Vendor price will be $125!
Register as a Vendor
Share with your neighbors and community.  They will love it too!
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