Whole Person Preparedness Conference this Saturday!

My wonderful friend Tammy Ward is hosting the Whole Person Preparedness Conference this Saturday! 

Whole Person Preparedness Conference

When: Saturday, March 14, 8-4:00 

Location: Weber State University


Discount code for $9 off the event or live streaming: prepareyourself 

Discount code for $20 for all recordings ($650 value!):  friendsnfamily 

It will feature some fanstastic speakers, like Kirk Duncan and Roger Young, and my dear friend Becky Edwards.

Becky, in the photo below, is only one of many speakersThere are a variety of topics covered.  Here are Becky’s topics:


 “ Eight Tips for Organizing your Food Storage,” Part One  
1) Overcoming excuses with the word of God. 2) Creating a simple meal plan to build and rotate your year’s supply.  3) Finding more storage space in your home. 4) Finding more money for food storage. 

Eight Tips for Organizing your Food Storage, Part Two 5) Organizing an inventory of what you have, what you need, and where it’s stored.  6) Prioritizing where to start. 7) How canning jars can boost your food storage from blah to beautiful. How to use a Food Saver or other methods to store bulk spices, chocolate chips, and even complete meals

in a jar, and 8) Why she believes spiritual preparation matters the most.
Becky is awesome! We have been friends since our oldest kids were toddlers, in fact, she is one of my “Veggie Gals.”. That’s a group of women who have met since 1995 over lunch every month or so, on the Wasatch Front. She gave me permission to upload her EightSystemsforanOrganizedHomeschool.pdf
Becky will be speaking at a couple other conferences coming up also. Click here for details. 
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