No Sugar Strawberry Jam

Remember when my baby sister moved to Maine with her dh and adorable six kids? It’s been fun to see all of their grand adventures they are having for their mornings in Maine: forest exploring, frog catching, and moth gatherings. Last week my parents got to go visit them. Grandma got to pick strawberries with the brood. By the time Grandma, sis, and the kids ate a bunch while picking, what was left went to smoothies and the freezer. Not enough for jam, but that got me wondering if I could find some no sugar jam recipes if I ever run into a strawberry harvest. I know it’s kind of late for strawberries in Utah, but if you get some from the store and want to turn them into jam, so you can have some summer during the coming winter, here are some great recipes.

Here’s a recipe for quick, strawberry chia seed jam

Here is why you might want to avoid pectin when you make jam, in a blog post by The Healthy Homeeconomist

But according to Heather over at, pectin is OK. Here are her posts on how to make jam with pectin and without.

Happy jam-making!

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