The Truth About Sunlight,Skin Cancer, Vitamin D

Here’s more about why you need more sunshine, so you can get Vitamin D. Sunlight alone, does not cause skin cancer, according to the video above.

I have enjoyed reading anything about or by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, featured in the video above, for a long time. It first started when I heard that he was a medical doctor who did home births and was a leading proponent of home births. He was also a J.D. (This gem of a man passed away recently, sadly.)  Before you think you have to go out and buy some Vitamin D, let me repeat something he says in the video. 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure in the middle of the day, between 10 AM and 2 PM, with 60% of your skin exposed, will give you 10 to 15 thousand IUs of Vitamin D. And Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many ailments, such as diabetes and cancer. So take advantage of the summer sun and get some of the sunshine and happiness vitamin.

The note accompanying this video says:

Seventy seven percent (77%) of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D (less than 30ng/mL), ten years earlier, fifty-five percent (55%) were deficient, in the so-called “sunshine vitamin” whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes. Recent scientific studies have found that the level of Vitamin D in most people, while adequate to protect

Recent scientific studies have found that the level of Vitamin D in most people, while adequate to protect against rickets, is not high enough to lower the probability of other medical conditions that may be caused by insufficient amounts of Vitamin D.

At the same time that doctors are discrediting the value of vitamins, minerals and supplements, more and more scientific studies are coming out about their medical and therapeutic values. No vitamin has had more scientific studies recently published than the rediscovered Sunshine Vitamin – Vitamin D.

Scientific Studies and Statements on Vitamin D…………

So go get some sun, not too much, and eat real food, including natural fats, so you can be happy with more “sunshine vitamin” in you!

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