Movie Review: Cinderella

If you haven’t yet seen Disney’s remake of its classic animated Cinderella movie into a live action version with star Lily James, go see it! It’s playing at the dollar theaters now, at least where I live, so my dh and I went to see it for a date. He was skeptical that he would like it. But in the end, he loved it. I already knew I would love it. Because we enjoyed it so much, we decided to go back a second time and take Grammi and the three youngest kids while the big kids were off at their different camps a few weeks ago. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, just because of the immodesty of Cinderella’s heaving bosom in her ball gown. That gown was something else! Here’s a video below to show how amazing it was! The whole movie was so lavishly beautiful: the hair, the costumes, the scenery, the ballroom, the fairy godmother’s gown, and carriage, the glass slipper made out of crystal. Oh my, it was all gorgeous. Uncle Walt I’m sure would be very pleased with the movie.

I loved how the gown fit in with the theme song of the movie, “Lavender’s Blue Dilly Dilly.” The gown was lavender blue. Sometimes it looked blue and sometimes it looked lavender, depending on the light, so I guess you would call it lavender blue. Cinderella repeatedly sings the “Lavender Blue” song throughout the story. If you are old like I am, you will recognize the song from an old, sweet Disney movie that some people have overlooked, called So Dear to My Heart, which features Burl Ives singing it. When my older kids were young we watched it a few times, on our VHS tape.

If you listen to the lyrics carefully and think of the song, you will see why Cinderella sings the song. It fits perfectly with the theme of falling in love and becoming a queen with a king. I won’t give the ending and spoil it for you, but the song fits in there.

I love how the movie is about family love. It’s family love that inspires Cinderella. She remembers the words of her dying mother to “Have courage and be kind.” Those words help her to withstand the abuse she gets and not seek revenge. The story has a ton of symbolism about the plan of salvation, as all good fairy tales do. Throughout the whole story, Cinderella’s charity is what sees her through, and that’s how it is for us in real life. I took notes of all the great quotes in the movie. I hope to do a separate blog post featuring them.

After we watched the movie with Grammi, my dh’s mother, before she got out of the car, she sighed and said, “I feel like Cinderella!” She has spent the last few months falling in love with a dear man. At 82, she is engaged to be married for the second time! It has been so fun to see her in love! For a few years she has dreamed of being married again, and now it is happening!

In short, just remember the line in the movie that the fairy godmother says to Cinderella, “You shall go to the ball!” That is like God watching over us, telling us no matter what the mean, cruel elements say to us, we really can and will have our dreams come true, IF we have courage and are kind. ( The evil stepmother had said “Mark my words, you shall not go the ball!”)

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