New Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Kids!

Have you heard the news? Sally Fallon Morell has co-written a new cookbook! This time its target audience is children. Yes, now there is a cookbook for kids to teach them how to cook the “nourishing traditions” way. She wrote the cookbook with co-author Suzanne Gross, a young mother of 3. If you don’t know who Sally Fallon Morell is, she is a mom, writer, graduate of Stanford and UCLA, real food activist, farmer, and co-founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation. She says it’s OK to eat butter, real raw milk, and organ meats. I attest that since I started eating more the Weston Price way, I have been happier and healthier, contrasted to my vegan and vegetarian years. (I still haven’t embraced liver yet, still warming up to that one!)

Here is a link to an interview with Suzanne Gross and a sample page from the new cookbook!

Here is an interview with Sally about how to increase your fertility by changing your diet to traditional, nutrient-dense foods.

Then here’s another interview on how to have a healthy pregnancy by having a nutrient-dense diet. Did you know that your diet in pregnancy will affect the beauty of your child’s face, in terms of the size of your child’s jaw, and if your child has enough room for all his or her teeth? Your diet will also affect your child’s overall health, energy and behavior. Watch below and learn!

Here is a link to a page showing babies who were born to mothers who ate the Weston A. Price diet. They are beautiful!

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