September Mothers Who Know Class and Giveaway!

It’s time for another Mothers Who Know class!

I have seen sooo many women’s lives change from taking this class! It is the Eternal Warriors class for moms, aka Mothers Who Know, and it was written by Aneladee Milne and Maurice Harker. Those students of the class who actually do the homework in order to change the forms in their lives, truly transform! Here are some of the results that I’ve seen:

  • one woman applied what she learned and got an answer that led her to a person who could help her seizure-prone son to stop having seizures after 16 years of having a seizure every week!
  • one woman, using the principles of the class, lost 60 lbs!
  • a few women have lost their chronic habit of being late
  • one woman stopped fighting with her husband and has a much more peaceful marriage
  • one woman let go of her husband’s habit of relying on her to help pay the mortgage, She was able to let it go and give him back the role of providing shelter for their family. The principles she learned in the class allowed her to do this peacefully with minimal stress.
  • one woman says that the class saved her marriage from divorce
  • at least two woman gave up their daily habit of consuming lots and lots of sugar

I will be starting a new session of classes after summer vacation on Wed. Sept. 9th. Go here to learn all the details.

We will meet online and over the phone so you can join us either way! Classes are recorded.

I am giving away a free registration! Please comment below if you want to enter the drawing!

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