Dates With God, Chapter 1, Part 2: Jill’s Letter #1

For the next installment of my new novel, Dates With God based on Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know, we meet Jill.

Here’s Chapter 1: Part 2, Jill’s Letter #1

in which we find out about Jill. Jill is a hip, craftsy-mommy blogger who is used to being the “cute one” and the center of attention. No one really knows her struggles with being organized, on time, and responsible. None of her friends know that her husband has anger issues and verbally abuses her frequently.

Jill’s Letter #1


Dear God,


OK, so I am supposed to pick some goals for this Mothers Who Know Class. It’s been awhile since I dared be that boldly ambitious. Sometimes when you’re a mom you just kind of forget having any goals other than keeping everyone fed, away from sharp objects, heights, and moving cars, and semi-clean with at least a semblance of clothing and grooming. It’s easy to forget dreams of self-improvement, study or leisure. My dreams are not to overdraw on my checking account and get organized enough that I can have dinner by 6 PM 5 nights a week,  do major shopping only twice a month, with mini-trips to the store once a week for bread and milk and a little produce and not on Saturdays! How boring, I know. I wish I had exciting goals and dreams. Such is my life now that I am a mom of 8. I hate it how every time I’ve been to Costco lately, it’s been Saturday morning. I hope that the mundane goals I pick out will build up to exciting ones.


Overall, I’m taking this class to help me be happier. It’s actually an answer to prayer. I feel like my life is falling apart. My son Jordan is having all these unexplained aches and pains. Rob still yells at me and the kids all the time. It brings up the question I’ve had for eons of “How do I teach my husband how to be a good husband and father? How do I eliminate his anger issues?”  After 20 years of marriage, I feel like I’m walking on eggshells any time he’s home. One of my high school friends, Tiffany Sawyer, has made it big with a trilogy of sci-fi books about gorgeous, witty nymphs. They take over the world in some kind of feminist revenge for all of the injustices imposed by tyrannical males that she agonized over as a Women’s Studies major at college. Now she’s a millionaire and her husband is retired. She’s always posting about all of the fun things they do together with their kids now that he’s home full-time: cruises, ski trips, scuba diving, trekking over Europe to see castles and beaches. I always hear about it on Facebook. I find myself fantasizing about her life. What would it be like to be free from chores every day, traveling the world, not trudging through meal prep and dishes and laundry and breaking up fights between kids, finding apple cores and dirty underwear under couches and beds? For a minute I thought that might be fun to have Rob retired too so he could help with all of this. Then I caught myself, “Wait, what are you thinking? Are you kidding? That would be awful if he were home all the time. It would just give him more opportunity to bark at us.”


Well, enough about him. Here are the goals I am thinking of:


1. Record any spending I make for that day before I go to bed in my electronic check register. My spending is getting out of control! Hopefully by recording every time I spend I will see what is left in the budget and I won’t overspend.

2. Get up at 7 AM 5 days a week unless a kid gets me up at night with puking or nightmares or earaches. Then I don’t have to get up and can sleep as long as I can.

3. Have a homemade dinner at least 5 nights a week by 6:15 PM. I am spending way too much on fast food lately!


Be sure to come back tomorrow for Chapter 1, Part 3, when you will meet Lauren!

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