Dates with God, Chapter 2, Part 4: Lauren’s Letter #2

Here’s Chapter 2, Part 4 of Dates with God: Lauren’s Letter #2 in which Lauren unloads her recent aggravations.

Lauren’s Week #2


Dear God,


I’m having a hard time with the content of the lecture in the first week’s class. How does satan cause us to forget? I am still thinking about it.  Don’t we just choose what we remember and forget? Then this past week’s lecture was about the chemical shift. I’ve felt my own this past week. Here is what I can remember. There’s no way I can forget these!

– I felt furious disgust at my neighbors for letting their dog poop on my yard, again! Why are they so clueless and/or rude?!


-I felt bugged that I went to a midwifery conference and an acquaintance there saw a little 2 year old running by us and asked me if the kid was mine as he almost tipped a microphone over. Doesn’t she know I would never bring kids to a conference and then let them run around? Does she really think I would be calmly standing by letting my own child wreak havoc?


-I felt mad that I read untrue comments about the benefits of circumcision on a blog


-I felt super critical of James this past week. He’s back to wearing his hair the nerdy way he did when we were first dating. What is up with that?


-I felt annoyance when Austin came to me, asking me to help with his Scouting stuff. Can’t the Scout leaders do all the helping?


-I felt jealous that my friend Carla has a prettier blog than I do


-I felt critical of my mom. Will she ever write down what my address is so she doesn’t have to call me every time she wants to send the kids a birthday card?


-I felt mad that I was attacked on a blog, misquoted, and misrepresented.


-I felt mad when I read that C-sections are on the rise. Women’s bodies are not broken! They have not suddenly become less able at giving birth. It’s just that our culture does not encourage women to believe in their bodies so they can give birth naturally.


No wonder I often feel like I am going crazy! I have all these chemicals swirling in my body! Disgust, anger, jealousy, criticism, annoyance, and more!





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