Day 4 of our Trip to Nauvoo, Part 1: Nauvoo!

This is a model of the real Nauvoo Temple. We saw it in the Winter Quarters’ Visitors Center. It was what the Saints left when they came to Winter Quarters, but it was a lovely reminder to us of what we would get to see when we got to Nauvoo!

And here it is in its full glory!

We arrived at the Nauvoo Family Inn and Suites while it was barely daylight on Tuesday night. We enjoyed the indoor swimming pool and hot tub and went to bed. The next morning, first we went to the Nauvoo Visitors’ Center. I found a plaque of a copy of an ad of my ancestor, Zerah Pulsipher, advertising his property for sale for when the Exodus was beginning. The next day we found the exact spot on the map where this property was, but sadly did not have the time to go find it in person because it is not in the Old Nauvoo part, but on the bluff, on the east part aways into the “country.”

Then we went on the wagon ride. I loved hearing all of the stories from Elder Angell, the missionary tour guide. Later I wished I had taken notes. So after that I started taking some paper with me on each of the tours to take notes. These are such precious stories that brought the Spirit into my heart. I will blog about them in the next post.

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