Having Fun with Dressing Your Truth

So today I was going to work on the rosters for our commonwealth school, as I am the registrar, but my husband took the forms with him to do work on the file at his office, since he is the treasurer. So while I was waiting to get the paperwork back, I had fun cleaning out my closet. My R.M. son was making Navajo tacos with his younger brother for dinner so I luxuriated in having this free time. I have had this project on my list all summer, and today seemed the best day to do it, since I have lost 56 lbs! I have gone from a tight size 18-comfortable-20-very-loose-22, to a size 10 in 5 months! I asked my teen daughter, who is home on her college break, to help “hold my hand” emotionally as I let go of all these old clothes that were large and extra large. I now wear small to medium sized clothes. It was hard to let go of some these clothes, I tell you! I feel more vulnerable and insecure than ever, thinking, but wait, what if I want that back? What if I miss it? My daughter kept telling me, “Let it go, something better will come in its place.” 

We had fun trying on my wedding gown, from 24 years ago, which we can both fit into (not at the same time, of course)! We had fun talking about her college roommates, her boyfriends, and Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth energy types. My daughter has told me that she thinks she is Type 4/1 and that I am a Type 1/4. I fought her on it for a while, thinking we both are primary Type 2s. But now I think that I put on a mask of Type 2 for most of my life because my mom is Type 2. I picked out Type 4 and 1 styles today. I am still getting the hang of how to pick the right colors of the types. I bought a hot pink skirt which I thought was Type 1 but dear daughter claims the hot pink is Type 3. Anyway, here’s a fun video of the how Type 4 and 1 go together. Sometime soon I will post my “D.I. haul” that I am not ashamed of. I found some majorly cute clothes today, and more are on the way, since I have created a huge vacuum. 

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