Why to Have Some Cash on Hand Before Sunday Sept. 13th: Wisdom from a Veggie Gal

I am passing on two wise blog posts from one of my Veggie Gal friends, Jonell. She blogs over at myyeasttreatment.com. (Her web site is super awesome if you struggle with any kind of chronic yeast infection.) This picture above shows her in the yellow top, at our last Veggie Gals gathering. It was at her home before she left us for Oregon. Oh Jonell, we miss you! But fortunately we get to hear her sparks of inspiration regularly because of her blog.

The first blog post to share with you is an amazing technique to use whenever you have negative emotions, so you can tune in with the atoning love and power of Jesus Christ. She calls it the “picnic blanket visualization.”

The second blog post is of a super timely nature. It’s about why this Sunday September 13 is so special. Did you know that this Sunday is the last day of the Jewish Year, and the last day of the Sabbath Year, or Shemitah. The Sabbath Year is one year out of of every seven years, as called for in Moses’ day in the Bible. This was the year when debts were to be forgiven. Do you realize that seven years ago at the end of a Sabbath year, we had Sept. 29, 2008, the beginning of our current recession? And that seven years before that we had 9/11? What is coming up next?

As Jonell says,

What I’m trying to say is that God is real. His promises are sure. I’m not saying He has to bring down judgement, or that He will this Shemitah. I’m just saying that if it rolls as He’s arranged it in the past, we could see economic setback within the week that we’ll remember for some time to come.

Follow the prophet, and your own common sense. Don’t wait. Do what it takes to have a “reserve supply on hand.”

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