Come to the Mom and Jr. Eternal Warriors Class!


I am so thrilled to share that my dear friend Kim Davis is starting a Mom and Jrs. Eternal Warriors Class! Here is her announcement:

It’s happening!  
After much consideration regarding time zones from Georgia to Washington and busy schedules, the Eternal Warriors: Mom and Jr. Warrior Class is finally ready to go on-line Thursdays from 5:00 – 6:30 from September 17th to November 5th.
I am super excited about the Mom and Jr. Warrior Class because it’s focus is an open dialogue between parent and child.  We will learn to recognize how the enemy acts upon us and how we have the power to act for ourselves.  We will learn how to PoWeR up like a warrior = to plug into the True Source of power and focus on Him to win our battles. We will learn how the enemy messes with our chemicals but more importantly, how to win those biochemicals battles.  
Mom and Jr. Warriors – self-mastery, open-dialogue, and weapons training. (Recommended ages 9-11 for children and their mom, however old she is.) That is only $175 for Mom and kids! This is an awesome opportunity to build relationships and spiritual strength together! 
Sign-up today!        
Contact Kim Davis

Here is a short story that KIm wrote to illustrate the power of the principles learned in the class:

CJ stomped down the stairs to do his chore for the day, clean the basement.  As soon as Mom called, CJ felt his face flush hot with anger.  He hated picking up the basement!  When Mom met him at the bottom of the stairs she noticed that CJ was ready to fight.  “CJ, what’s the matter?”  Mom asked even though she already knew the answer.  CJ didn’t say a word as he glared at the scattered toys.  Mom asked, “Who is the enemy here?  Is it the toys?  Is it the basement?  Is it me?  Who is the real enemy and why does he care if you need to pick up the basement?”  CJ knew the real enemy.  He knew it wasn’t the basement or Mom; the enemy is Satan.  Mom had told him that one of the enemy’s favorite tactics to trick us is to use smoke and mirrors.  The enemy hides in the smoke while he holds up mirrors and we start seeing other people, ourselves, or things as the enemy and we fight the wrong fight.  Satan destroys families by getting them to fight each other.  Mom interrupted his thoughts, “CJ, recognize what is really happening here.  Now, how are we going to win this battle that really has nothing to do with cleaning the basement?”  CJ and Mom began to strategize…

Satan is attacking our children earlier and earlier.  But sometimes we don’t see what is happening until the battle ground moves to serious addictions. That battle must be prevented.  Chore wars, emotional meltdowns, homework hassles…  These are some of the battles we face every day.  It just happens to be that the weapons used to win these battles are the same weapons needed for addiction prevention.  A warrior needs training before going into battle – the time to train is now!                                
Mom and Jr. Warrior Class is a parent/child class designed to empower your family.  Mothers join with their child(ren) in an 8 week on-line course to work together on goal setting and achievement.  Gain greater spiritual discernment.  Recognize the enemy’s tactics and win your battles through self-mastery, open-dialogue, and weapons training.  Put on the armor of God in ways you had not considered.  This class will change your life! 
Register at:                                                                 
Recommended for children 9-11 and their mom, however old she is.                     Mentored by Kim Davis

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