Day 4 Part 5, of our Nauvoo Trip, the Lucy Mack Smith Home!

On Day 4 of our trip to Nauvoo, we went to the Lucy Mack Smith home right after the Browning Gunsmith Shop and Home. This is the home where Lucy, the prophet Joseph Smith’s mother, settled in after most of Saints left for the Salt Lake Valley. My mother–in-law and I toured the home while the rest of the family went to the brickmaker’s yard. While at the Browning home we learned that Lucy wrote some of her book, The History of the Prophet Joseph Smith, in the Browning home. We learned the following:

  • Lucy Mack Smith was a very small woman, maybe not even 5 feet tall
  • The home was originally the Joseph Bates Noble home. He gave the home to the Church, and Brigham Young, I presume acting for the Church, gave the home to Lucy. She did not feel well enough to make the trek west.
  • Lucy Mack lived in the home with her daughter, and her husband..
  • The home had an alcove big enough to fit a bed, called a “lying in room” where Lucy could lie in bed and rest but still see the activities going on in the adjoining room.
  • I asked why she wrote part of her book at the Browning home and the tour guide did not know the answer.

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