Dates with God, Chapter 7, Part 2: Jill’s Letter #7

Today we have Jill’s Letter #7 from my novel, Dates with God: How Four Mormon Mamas Beat Satan with the Book of Mormon. We see that Jill finally reads the homework assignments for the class. She actually does one of the assignments which gives her huge insights into how satan works on her. We see her conquer the temptation to flee her house and go flirt with the handsome produce clerk at her nearby grocery store.

Jill’s Letter #7


Dear God,


How did I see Thy hand in my life today God? I saw it in the form of my home teacher who came over and fixed the huge gaping hole in our fence. Rob mentioned to him last night that he needed help fixing it and before noon today the guy was over to get the job done. It’s a relief to know I can let the younger ones play in the fenced back yard without me being out there. So I thank Thee God for a home teacher who is willing to ask what help we need and then quickly follow through.


I finally decided to open up the pile of emails with the homework assignments for this class. After so many weeks of losing battles I was feeling hopelessly discouraged. I was praying about how to change that and after I prayed, It was amazing. I heard a voice in my head that said, “Do the homework.”


What?! I didn’t even notice that there was homework. I guess I have been leaving the class early before it is announced, and then I was not checking my emails to know. So I went to my emails the next morning, after the baby got me up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. For some reason I found and opened Week #3’s email first. It said to set a timer to go off every 15 minutes and ask yourself what level are you at on the chemical scale. So miracle of miracles, I actually was able to do this for a few days. This is what happened yesterday:


5:24 AM Had just been awakened by the baby. Was mad because I wasn’t done sleeping. Level 2. I had the thought, “Just go eat some chocolates that are hiding in the top cupboard.” So I quickly moved to Level 3 on the Chemical Scale.


9:34 AM Remembered to start the timer on the phone and to put the phone where I will hear it. Was bugged that I couldn’t find the phone to hear the alarm for over two hours before this. I think the kids had dropped it in the laundry basket after I asked Austin to text Becky a message for me. It was muffled under the clothes so I didn’t hear it. Level 2.


9:49 The timer went off at 9:39. It had taken me ten minutes to have some space and time to write this amidst all of the kids’ demands. And also to find a pen. Everything in this house has legs. My mom’s words are always echoing in my head “A place for everything and everything in its place.” I agree! However, children don’t stay in their places and they are constantly touching and moving things out of their places! Can I just have a place for the kids to stay, like their beds? I felt aggravated by not being able to find a pen, and also aggravated that the dishes still weren’t done. It was Saturday. I was picking up the living room so I could overhear what was happening in the kitchen. I had found some dirty socks wadded up behind the couch. Then some snot wiped on the wall. So definitely more of Level 2.


Then I went back to check on the kids’ progress on the dishes. One of them was playing with the bubbles and had splashed a gallon of water on the floor. The other was staring at a catalog left on the counter. I blew up at the kids and told them to get back to work. I had the thought, “Just go put your makeup on and go to the store, leaving the oldest in charge, maybe Dustin is there.” That was definitely Level 3, a Dude Moment. Dustin is one of the produce clerks at the grocery store, and whenever he sees me there he starts flirting with me. I can’t deny that I don’t enjoy it. I acknowledge that I have purposefully dressed nice more than once when going to the store because I know he’s going to be there. I don’t think he realizes that I am a forty-something mother of 8. It sure beats dealing with all the stuff here at home. I realized that was a Dude Moment and resisted the thought/temptation and kept cleaning.


10:04 The baby spit up on me and had a diaper blowout, so I have just had to go change my clothes. I couldn’t find anything to wear. I already had planned on wearing my favorite top and jeans to a Girls Night Out. So I couldn’t wear the outfit now, just the day of, and risk it getting dirty. The only thing left that was clean for me to wear were my fat jeans and an orange shirt. I felt ugly in them. Again I had the thought to flee to Dustin’s adorations by the zucchini, with some glamorous earrings on and heels to distract from the orange shirt and jeans. Level 3 again. I told satan to get hence.

10:34 Finally started doing my Saturday mopping of the kitchen. I feel so much like Cinderella all the time, slaving away at housework with no thanks from anyone. It’s always Cinderella, before the ball, never after. Level 2.

For background information on the Chemical Scale, please read the book, Like Dragons Did They Fight, by Maurice Harker and Lucas Reynolds. You can read it for free as a Kindle edition! 

copyright 2015 Celestia Shumway

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