Chapter 8 Part 1, Emma’s Letter #8

I am catching up on getting my excerpts published from my new book, Dates With God: How Four Mormon Mamas Beat Satan with the the Book of Mormon. In this episode, we see Emma get inspired by Pres. Henry B. Eyring in writing letters to her future posterity. She even writes an allegory about the plan of salvation. Here’s Emma’s Letter for Week #8. If you want background information, read Like Dragons Did They Fight by Maurice Harker and Lucas Reynolds. It’s free in Kindle format. My book, excerpted here, is the companion of that book directed at females. My book is based on the Mothers Who Know class that I teach, where students of the class are asked to write letters to God or someone else in their journals at least once a day.

Emma’s Letter Week #8


Dear God,


I discovered that President Henry B. Eyring used to write letters to his future children back before he got married. I can see there’s so much power in this! Imagine a world where everyone is so connected to their posterity that they regularly write letters to them. I’ve enjoyed hearing about Pres. Eyring’s connections to his children in his General Conference talks. You can see an obvious attachment there.  When he was young, before he was married, he called them “the redheads.” Since I already have children and reality blurs out any gauzy daydreamy adoration towards my own children, I am thinking of writing to my future grandchildren. That seems to motivate me to think more creatively and more into the future about what I want my legacy to be. I am going to call them “The Royals,” since I have been doing a scripture study on royal words and phrases. I will have to build up my courage to write to my children. I mean, I always love them, but honestly, sometimes, I just plain don’t like them, with all of their whiny irriations. So here goes…


“To My Dearest  Future Grandchildren, The Royals:


“I want to tell you a story. This story is about a little girl who didn’t know who she was. She lived with people who didn’t know who they were. They made some choices that brought them misery and bondage. This little girl was sad too. Then her grandma came and got her and brought her to peace and liberty. Her grandma taught her things to help her feel happy. One of the things the grandma taught the little girl was who she was. This little girl was really the sister of a Prince, and the daughter of a King. The little girl’s parents didn’t know that taking care of this little girl for a time was a charge that came from the King and that they too were children of a King. So the little girl decided not to be mad at them and forgave them.


“This little girl for the first time felt the love that her Kingly Father has for her and she started acting like a princess. She started reading the letters from home that her Kingly Father had written after she discovered them at her grandma’s house. She learned the story of her birth and how she came to be where she was and what she would inherit if she were true and faithful to her inheritance. Here is that story.


“Long ago, in a kingdom far way, lived the most gracious and loving and beautiful King and Queen you could ever meet. They loved each other with a heavenly love that we only catch glimpses of in our ordinary lives. They had many children together. At one point they decided that they wanted these children to inherit everything They had. The children were sent away so they could prove themselves worthy of inheriting it all. If they did that, they would be sure to have the Father’s estate forever. The enemy would not be able to take it away after they proved themselves, because that was the law and the enemy has to obey the law.


“In order to leave the Kingdom, the King and Queen gave the Oldest Prince Brother keys so he could get everybody back into the Kingdom if they wanted to come back. The reason they gave the Oldest Prince Brother the Royal Keys was because he had already proven himself worthy. That’s because he felt the Royal Love from his parents already and showed it before any of them had left the kingdom. Others could feel it but weren’t showing it to the magnificent, perfect degree that he had. So the children left. They were sent off way from the kingdom with loving hugs, gifts, and glorious encouragement to find the Oldest Prince Brother, the Royal Love, the Royal Keys, and return.


“One by one the children found the Keys from the Oldest Brother and also learned to love like He does. The Royal Love changed their hearts so they could live happily, comfortably, and harmoniously in the Royal Kingdom. The Royal Love includes kindness. Envy never arises from this royal love. When you have it you are not easily offended. It gives you peace. This Royal Love blocks evil thoughts. It doesn’t rejoice in other people’s sorrows or sins. This Royal Love changed their hearts so they could believe all truth, hope all truth, and endure many things for the cause of truth. After they received the change of heart and the Royal Keys, a curious thing happened. They had the companionship of the Spirit of the Oldest Prince Brother constantly with them, to guide them in the Royal Ways. They also had a scepter, a scepter that allowed them to always tell the difference between Truth and Falsehood, Goodness and Evil, and Right and Wrong. With their changed hearts full of Royal Love, their scepters, and their Royal Keys, they returned to the Kingdom, passing through the gate guarded by the Oldest Prince Brother. What happiness filled their hearts at this reunion with the King, the Queen and the Prince Brother! After their entrance into the kingdom, they were given crowns personally fashioned by the King and Queen for each of them, full of eternal glory. They had inherited eternal life in the happiest place in the universe, the Royal Kingdom, to forever be independent and to be rulers over many kingdoms in eternal glory and love.”


So to my future posterity, My Royals, please receive the Royal Keys of baptism and the other priesthood ordinances that come from Jesus Christ. But, more importantly, I beseech of you all to let your hearts be transformed by this Royal Love, that seeks the Good, the Right, and the Truth and upholds it all no matter what. That’s charity, and without it, you are nothing, as it says in the scriptures.  I look forward to living with you in the kingdom where Royal Love reigns forever as gloriously as the summer sun.

Copyright 2015 Celestia Shumway

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