An Interview with a TJED Mentor and the Teen Scholars She Influenced

I finally got the podcast feature fixed on my iPhone. When I went to listen to some podcasts, I was delighted to find a new unplayed episode from the Luminous Mind involving my dear friend Aneladee Milne. Aneladee has played a key role in the education of me and my children. She helped create LEMI, which trains parents to teach the scholar projects that my four oldest children have benefited from. She created New Commonwealth Schools, which our family participates in, the the form of Liber Academy. Liber Academy is the original commonwealth school that Aneladee started over 15 years ago.

Aneladee helped create The Edison Project and Eternal Warriors. The Edison Project is the self-directed scholar phase project that two of my children have taken. Eternal Warriors is the brainchild of Aneladee and Maurice Harker. I took that class over 3 years ago with my daughter and then trained to teach the class. It changed both of our lives, and inspired me to offer the class to moms, in the form of Mothers Who Know. I’ve attended many parent mentor trainings that have featured Aneladee, for our school, including on the past month of September. Here’s a recap of a meeting with Aneladee I hosted in my backyard on how to get your teenager to do scholar phase.

I thought it would be fun to feature these photos and podcast videos of Aneladee and two of her “products” or “fruits” of her educational philosophy: my son Dallin and his friend Jacob. If you have ever wondered if Thomas Jefferson Education works, these two boys are testimonials! They both took the Edison Project last year and have spent many hours with Aneladee. If you want to learn more about the fruits of Thomas Jefferson Education, including the power of classics and mentors, then listen to these interviews with Aneladee, Dallin, and Jacob. I remember mentoring Dallin and Jacob in a boys club that met twice a month at my friend Kim Davis’ home years ago when they were just little sprouts. They have been on many Freedom Bowl teams together. Now they are best friends and amazing young men who work on a blog together. Jacob is an author, blogger, and 16 year old freshman at BYU. Dallin is an amazing young man full of a ton of initiative. He does hard things all the time and is preparing to go to BYU.

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