Training for Parents on How to Mentor Scholar Phase

How do you as a homeschool mom mentor your child in scholar phase? This is the period of a young person’s education that happens hopefully between ages 12 and 18. It is described in the book, Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille. Some of the most wonderful news on the planet is that this has already been figured out by the people at Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (LEMI). So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel by starting a new program for scholar phase! You can get this training from LEMI and bring scholar projects to your homeschool community. Go here to learn more about all of the scholar projects LEMI offers.



It was 11 years ago this month that I first met Aneladee Milne, one of the founders of LEMI. I attended her “Mentoring the Hero Generation” seminar when my oldest child had just turned 11. Since then, Aneladee has had a huge impact on my children’s education. First because she started the commonwealth school that we attend, second, because of the mentoring she has given my children, third, because of the Eternal Warriors program she created, fourth because of all the parent mentoring training I have received from her, and fifth, because of the scholar projects she has created, like the Edison Project. So I am celebrating the fact that my three oldest children have had successful scholar phases in part from Aneladee’s influence by posting these videos of LEMI Philosophy training, and photos of their scholar moments through the years. Then the bottom two videos feature training on how to use the Shakespeare Conquest mentor manual and how writing is taught through the LEMI Scholar Projects.














These are some of the marvelous trainers LEMI recruits to train parents on how to teach the scholar projects.










Hooray for youth! Hooray for scholar phase, and hooray for LEMI! My children have vision, mission, abilities, and skills because of what they have learned from these LEMI scholar projects.


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