Modest, Stylish Thrifty Outfit for Moms #1

I have lost 60 lbs! Woo-hoo! I can fit into the size I was when I got married, including my wedding dress! Watch for a future blog post about how I did it! I am having so much fun wearing new clothes, and I am loving finding clothes that I love to wear! Shopping for clothes is a joy again! I haven’t had this much fun shopping since I was in college, which was a LOOOOOONG time ago. (Literally decades, BK, before kids, and my oldest is 22 now, LOL!) To celebrate my new body and new clothes, I have decided to blog more about fashion. So here goes. I feel like I am going out on a limb, since I am no fashion expert and have spent decades not caring much about it as a harried mom. But, I promise, even if I haven’t always shown that I care, I do know what looks good on me, and what looks good on others. I love how changing some lines and colors and texture can make someone go from looking ordinary to looking fabulous! Something I learned from reading fashion books is that everyone can look beautiful, if you find the right lines, shapes, and colors that go with your features so you learn to emphasize the great features and de-emphasize the not so great. (Losing 60 lbs. as well helps too of course, LOL!)

I hope to share some outfits in the next few months from my “thrift store haul” that I bought back in August to celebrate losing 60 lbs!  I invite you to share your outfits on this blog as well that meet the following qualifications. Before I get into the qualifications, I want to address a common concern among moms. Some of you might be saying as you read this, “Oh, who cares about clothes?! I have much more important things in life to worry about, like, dealing with unruly children, homeschooling, unclogging a toilet, preventing my marriage from falling into divorce, going visiting teaching, and emergency prepping for the impending collapse of the nation and the second coming of Jesus Christ.”To quote the immortal Anne Shirley of Green Gables, ““It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.” If you look and feel fashionable, it is easier to be good and do all those good things, plus more! And “fashionable” doesn’t mean dressing in the latest trends, it means, according to Carol Tuttle, dressing your truth. More on that later. 

Anyway, here are the qualifications for an outfit to be considered “Modest, Stylish, and Thrifty”:

1. Modest: hemline to the knees or longer for the dress, skirt, or pants, shoulders covered, no cleavage or abdomen showing, and nothing showing that wouldn’t be covered by a modest swimsuit, of course

2. Thrifty. All of these outfits I will be sharing will be less than $20, and some will even be less than $10! Tell us what each piece of clothing or accessory cost and where you got it. Don’t be ashamed of telling us you got it from a yard sale, thrift store, or even dumpster diving! No shame here, as long as you didn’t steal it!

3. Stylish. This is subjective of course. How am I defining stylish? If you feel like you look good in it, I am going to define it as stylish. Remember what Carol Tuttle says, It means dressing your truth.

I absolutely love this top, I think it is so cute! If you are into Dressing Your Truth, then you probably recognize it as a Type 1 energy. I haven’t taken the course but from what I’ve heard from my teen daughter, Type 1 energy has lots of motion. This top has a busy print, including circles and lots of different shapes and colors. I picked the flower necklace and hoop earrings to repeat the circle/flower theme. Unfortunately they aren’t totally Type 1, because according to my daughter, Type 1s are supposed to use gold, and these are silver. Oh well. Maybe you can tell from the picture, that the top has a texture too, of raised dots, like dotted Swiss fabric. I have always loved dotted Swiss! The top also has ruffles which is total Type 1 thing. I absolutely love this top, did I already say that? It is soooo cute! It makes me soooo happy just looking at it! When I look at it, I think of my little sister and that this is fabric she would have in her cheery, nurturing home. I can see it as a blanket, curtain, or tablecloth. I don’t mind that I am happy to wear fabric as a top that could be used as a blanket, curtain, or tablecloth, as long as it fits my energy. It makes me happy when I think of this fabric and my little sis, even though her home is now far away from me in Maine. My teen daughter said when she first saw the top, “That makes me think of Aunt Emily!” Agreed! I also love that this top is so versatile. I can wear it with sooo many other things, like jeans, both my light blue ones, my dark blue ones, and my white ones, my khakis, and some petite gingham checked baby blue pants. Plus, three other skirts, my black one, my khaki one and my white knit one. Oh, I just remembered, I just got a navy skirt that goes with it too! I can “fancy” this top up, like I did in the very first photo above, to wear it to church, and then I can dress it down a bit with jeans and be casual.

Cost and where I got everything for the top photos of me in the skirt:

Earrings: Walmart $5

Necklace: Walmart, I don’t know the cost since my daughter gave it to me as a Christmas gift. Probably around $8, but I know someone who got the same necklace for clearance for only $1!

Top: $5, from Deseret Industries, brand is Cherokee

Skirt: $3 (!) from Deseret Industries, brand is Worthington Works. I love how the “cut” of the pieces sewn together make it have a natural swing and flare!

Shoes: $3 from Deseret Industries, brand is Fioni. I love these gold-colored heels! I also found the same pair in white about a year earlier.

Total Cost for me: $16, since the necklace was a gift! Hooray!

For the bottom photo of me in the jeans:

Top, the same as above

Jacket: free, from a bag of hand-me-downs

Jeans: ditto above

Earrings: $3 from Walmart on clearance,

Necklace: $8 from Walmart

Flip flops: you can’t see them in the photo above because my feet are buried by weeds, but they look like this, below. I got them from D.I. for $3 a year or two ago. They are looking a little ragged these days because I have worn them so much, even to the point of wading in the Mississippi River when we went to NauvooI I have loved them! They coordinate with most of my clothes so I wear them all spring, summer, and into the fall.

Flower: I can’t remember, it was a birthday gift from my husband from Claire’s Boutique, probably $5

So total cost, $19.

This isn’t a typical fashion blog post where you can go buy the exact article of clothing by clicking on the name of the article of clothing to take you to an online store.. But maybe you can find something similar on ebay or other thrift stores, or it will just inspire you to go find your own treasures at the thrift store. I am sharing and asking you all to share your pictures of your modest, thrifty, stylish outfits so we can all be inspired to see that it doesn’t have to cost much to look great and feel confident. Just post the picture below in the comments box, and write about it, or give a link to your blog or site.

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