Review and Giveaway of Real Food for Rookies Ebook

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about transitioning to a real food diet? If you are new to real foods, the learning curve can be steep! What do you do with all of your kids’ favorites, like mac and cheese?

The good news is that this ebook, Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food for Rookies can help you in a jiffy!

I give this ebook 5 out of 5 stars. You are going to love this ebook! It is full of common sense and helpful information such as:

  • a quick reference chart to show you how to choose real food over mainstream food choices, for ALL foods, such as grains, fats, dairy, produce, soups, salts, seasonings, condiments, sweets, and beverages. It’s more than just choosing whole grains over refined
  • why raw milk is better
  • why animal fats are needed in the diet and not factory-made fats
  • why natural sweeteners are better
  • how to make bone broth
  • the top ten foods to avoid
  • how to overcome all of the obstacles to serving real food in your home

In addition, she has real food recipes for a typical family’s favorite foods, such as chicken nuggets, French fries, pizza, ice cream, popcorn, and soda pop. Her recipe for pizza is in the video above.

I love the common sense real food principles that she was inspired to create to line up with Dave Ramsey’s money principles. It’s really true that when you eat like other people don’t eat, later on you will be able to do things other people can’t do, like go hiking when you are 90!

This book is 170 plus pages and a goldmine of real food information. I am hosting a giveaway of the book. Please enter your comment below on why you would like to win the book to be entered for the random drawing. It will be held on Friday October 30. If you want to just go buy the book right away, go here. You can get it in ebook (Kindle) or paperback.

Here is an interview on a podcast with Kelly, and Sarah from

Here is an interview with Kelly and the mama Katie on the reality of real food.

Here is another interview with Kelly and Katie, the wellnessmama. Enjoy!

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