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Are you new to homeschooling and don’t know where to start? Or are have you been doing it for a while but want to breathe some fresh life and ideas into what you are sharing with your children? Do you want some monthly themes to help you implement the TJED principles of “structure time not content” and “you, not them”? Then this online course by my dear friend Katie will surely help! She is on a mission to help mothers build foundational character in their children and unlock the chambers of the heart so that their education is whole. If you have any questions please contact Katie at this email: katie (at) gatheringplaceforfamilies (dot) org.

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The rest of the words are from Katie:

Building Foundation & Unlocking the Chambers
  I have updates for the Foundation Builder Guide and a link to your copy of my FREE article. 


1. The first step in fulfilling our mission is to mentor the principles.  ​These principles are from the “Language of Creation” which is Symbolic Hebrew.  (see video link below)   The way we share these principles is through online Workshops & Recordings /Discussion Calls.  These classes create an environment of self-discoveryso you can use your agency to discover them yourself!  This is important to Foundation Building because for you and I to help nurture our children’s foundation, we have to experience the power of learning in this way.  It’s patterned after how God nurtures us!

Then, we offer to you, a plethora of resources through The Foundation Builder Guide (click to see more) for you to teach these principles in your homes.  Isn’t that exciting!  A whole set of thematic resources with a holistic approach to teaching these principles with your children comes with it!  

I am excited to announce, I am beginning the next class starting January 23rd at 7:00 am MST There are Workshop recordings to watch and instructions to read and study before you join us, so come on early enough, by January 18th, to get the materials.

So, you get to learn and have TONS of help to teach the principles in your homes!  Not only have I done research to find over 70 classic stories &/fairy tales to teach these principles from, but there are original symbolic stories, songs, positive scripts, simulations/games, and it introduces The Organic Environments & Materials with fun hands-on discovery activities including all the subjects (for those wanting to include all the subject-based learning).  It nurtures project learning and storytelling in the home, as well as character!  

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2. The second step in fulfilling our mission is to help nurture those inner most places within which hold our children’s Divine Nature and genius.  Yes!  It’s in there and this is where you can really NURTURE it to come out!  It’s also in you and whether or not the REAL you has come out, you get to nurture your true self while you nurture your children’s.   Isn’t that amazing!  We help with this through what we have identified and called The Organic Environments & Materials(click on it)  Please read it and ponder over times you have already incorporated these organic environments.

We not only provide this article, but we also provide many ways for you to teach the principles utilizing these “Organic Environments & Materials” in The Foundation Builder Guide.  AND, we provide a beautiful nurturing experience at our Family Celebrations and Facilitator Workshops & Retreats – Unlocking The Chambers (more info coming!).  

Come learn the Principles of Creation (Symbolic Hebrew) for your own foundation building and to help enhance your mentoring with your children in truth. 

And by the way, this program was specifically designed with the Artist Generation in mind and when you look at it seriously, it contains all the 7 Liberal Arts in their essence – grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music.  It is whole and exciting!    


If this calls to you, come join this whole new community of Mother’s who are deliberately nurturing foundation and unlocking the inner divine genius of their children.  

Building Foundation and Unlocking Chambers,

Have you seen the Foundation Builder Guide’s short Intro Videos?  Check them out to see if this resource can help you increase foundational principles understanding in your home.

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Do you wonder… “What is the House of the Book?”….read more HERE on my blog.



Discussing Eve's Unequal Children and The Principle of Creation # 2
Part 2 – Here is one example of how The Foundation Builder Guide teaches the Principles. – 10 minutes
Expand Your View through Symbolism & the Ancient Hebrew Aleph-bet
Part 1 – Here Katie is authentically sharing about the Principles of Creation. – 10 minutes
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