Grow Your Own Food Summit

I know I’m a bit late with this, I had internet connectivity problems over the weekend and couldn’t get the word out about this until today. I just got the email for it Saturday. It’s a summit about growing your own food and medicine. Every day it features new presentations you can watch for that 24 hour window. You can buy the presentations and then watch them whenever you want. I’ve been watching it today and have learned about raising chickens and having a victory garden. Go here to register so you can watch it too!

Here’s the promo I copied from the email about it:

Get started growing, or take your skills to the next level; this Summit has something for everyone. From how to grow great garlic, to picking pigs, a property purchase checklist, increasing the potency of backyard herbs, to urban chickens and forecasting the weather.   
Reserve your spot now, and get 2 bonus e-books, just for signing up: 

  • “How To Make a Simple And Effective Watering System For Small Livestock” 
  • “Top 10 Survival Plants: How To Grow Them and Collect Their Seeds” 

In this free summit, you’ll learn about:
  • How to spend $0 feeding your chickens.
  • Raising your own superior eggs, milk, and meat…in your backyard.
  • 24 herbals you can use to treat colds, flus, allergies, infections, and more.
  • Protect yourself as a small-scale farmer from the 5 MOST COMMON law suits.
  • Understand the Cottage Food Laws (CFLs) that regulate food production on your property.
  • Our role in breaking the monopoly of big chemical and seed companies.
  • Save $100s making your own fish emulsion fertilizer.
  • And much more!
Click here to learn more and sign up for this free summit–it only happens once a year!

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