A Dog Bite, Crossing the Border, Death, and Bisbeeland

Oh my! It is so sad how I can get so swamped with other responsibilities that I let days turn into weeks without blogging. Blogging makes me happy, so I must do some now. Here are random musings from the past few weeks:

  • My 20 year old daughter is home from college for spring break! I love having her here! I wish she wasn’t leaving in 9 days! I so much want her to staaaaay here. She is a Photoshop wizard. Not really Photoshop, we are too cheap for that, but GIMP, the free Photoshop alternative. See the above photo? I took the picture, without me in it, and then my husband took a picture of me and the kids in the same spot, as shown below. That picture isn’t as good with some of the kids’ eyes closed. Then wiz daughter combined the two so we are all in it! We took the pictures after we got home from the General Conference Sunday AM session. After 24 years of marriage, we decided to go watch General Conference at the local church building instead of at home on the TV or Internet. We all stayed much more focused, and some of us who normally sleep during it, ahem, didn’t even fall asleep! I really enjoyed General Conference. Elder Renlund’s talk touched me with lots of meaning. As well as Elder Nelson’s General Priesthood meeting talk.

  • Did you know that if you get bitten by a dog who has not had a rabies shot, you don’t have to automatically get the rabies shot? We recently had the opportunity to learn that. Princessa, pictured above in the plaid shirt with her dad and brothers got bit by the neighbors’ dog. She is one tough cookie! She didn’t even cry and waited a few hours before she told me. If that had happened to me at age 10 I would have been scarred for life about dogs. We took her in to the doctor and he reported the incident to animal control. I was surprised that they were more concerned about her getting a tetanus shot than a rabies shot. So we got the tetanus shot and she had a mild reaction the next day. We are no-vaxers generally so this was a big deal. The next morning she spiked a fever, had a runny nose, headache, and sore throat. Since I had been told the day before that those symptoms are all signs of rabies I was scared that she had gotten rabies! I took her back to the doctor and had her checked out. He said it was not from rabies and she was just coming down with a cold or flu. I said I believed it was a reaction from the tetanus shot. So we respectfully disagreed. This was the first time she has ever been vaxed so I think it was a shock to her system.

  • I had forgotten how much brain space it takes to manage a home with all 9 people here! We had all three young single adult kids home last week for four glorious days before 18 year old son had to get back to Utah for a ballroom dance commitment. So we had a whirlwind of dental and eye exams, a trip to Mexico for authentic food (not huge travel time since we only live 8 miles from the border) and hiking. On top of that, 18 year old son was conferred the Melchizedek priesthood so he can go on a mission in the fall. It was interesting that the same man who was the doctor for my daughter’s visit on Wednesday was the same man, with a different hat on, who helped with the conferral of the priesthood on Sunday. He lives in our church congregation and is a great guy. He kind of reminds me of some soft spoken guy who was in a lot of Disney movies in the 70s, the bald one with a high squeaky voice. Anyway, my brain is almost exploding from having to manage the comings and goings of 7 children, with the eye/dentist exams, online classes for school, math work, tennis practice every day, an outing to explore the river by our home, going over the border, and shopping for and feeding all of us. But it was lots of fun to have them all here and far too short of time. 

  • When we went over the border to have real Mexican food, I definitely felt I was in a foreign country. It’s been 15 years since I’ve been to Mexico. I was surprised though by how many Spanish words I actually understood at the restaurant. Dh is the only close to fluent Spanish speaker in the fam, so it took us 45 min to maybe an hour? to order food for all 9 of us. The way there and back was so much fun having all 9 of us in the car. I really forget what a barrel of monkeys those older kids are to be around. The conversation on the ride home, that night, and then in the car on the next night as we took the older kids to the temple, delighted me.

  • “You underestimate me!” This was what my 11 year old said to the 18 year old when 11 year old was swinging a toy too close to 18 year old’s head, and 18 year old asked him to move away. That kid comes up with the funniest phrases.

  • Bisbee AZ is artsy and hippy and so much more…We finally went to Bisbee, where my husband’s new job is. Of course he goes there every day but the rest of us had not been to his office yet. It is a fun place to visit, but as they say, I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s like a mix between Mayberry (which is actually Mt. Airy, North Carolina, a place where my firstborn served on his mission), Mothering magazine, and hippies. It has rain collection barrels and a “put and take” place where you can dump off your used items and take what you want.

One of the storefronts in Bisbee had this cute little bookcase.

  • We are saddened by the death of my friend Cyndi Hampton’s son, David, who was killed in a bike accident while serving his mission for the LDS Church in Taiwan. David was a valiant young man who was friends with my son as they were on a homeschool mock trial team together for two years in a row. One year they took 2nd place in state. Cyndi is a also a homeschool mom friend of mine and a member of this network. She came up with the awesome handouts I use for the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know lessons. We were sitting in a restaurant in Bisbee waiting for our pizza to come when my son got the word on Facebook about David’s death. My heart aches for the Hampton family, I know the Spirit has been there to comfort and testify to them that they will see and be with David again, because of the power of Jesus’ atonement and resurrection. As it says in Job 1:21, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”
  • We live close to a river that has a huge dam with trees for the kids to climb and explore. A natural playground. We will be going back. I love finding places like this!

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