Eternal Warriors Healthy Eating Class May 2016 Announcement and Giveaway

This is what I looked like a year ago, spring 2015. My “before diet” pictures. The weight had crept up after the birth of my 7th baby, so that I weighed as much as I did when I was pregnant with him. So discouraging!

Below is what I looked like when the diet was pretty much done, fall of 2015. My “after diet” pictures.

 I lost over 70 lbs in 9 months without exercise! Woo-hoo! I look and feel better, and am no longer at risk for diabetes and heart disease as my waist circumference has shrunk!

I am excited to share how I accomplished this, and accompany you on your journey getting into better shape!

So I am thrilled to announce…

The Eternal Warriors* Healthy Eating Class for May 2016!

If you would like accountability, and consistency in sticking to your diet/health goals, this class is for you! 

“I am just doomed to be fat the rest of my life!”

Have you ever heard that lie in your head?

As someone who weighed more that I wanted to, I often had that thought. I often wondered if I was cursed with bad genetics. My sister and I seemed to have inherited the genes from the fat grandparents, whereas our siblings got the genes from the skinny side of the family tree. Our siblings could eat whatever they wanted and stay as lean as string beans whereas we always felt like baked stuffed potatoes, no matter how little we ate. Also, as a mom who has borne 7 babies, after I had each baby it was harder to lose the pregnancy weight. One summer I exercised and avoided sugar and junk food, yet at the end of the three months someone asked me if I was pregnant! After all that hard work and sacrifice, I wanted to punch him in the eye!

The great news is that I finally was able to lose the weight! I lost 70 lbs, without exercise, in 9 months, and you can too! I am here to help you do that!


By taking and applying what you learn in the Mothers Who Know/ Eternal Warriors Healthy Eating Class!

What you will get by enrolling in the class…

-10 weeks of once a week coaching on how to achieve your health goals. These classes are held online, over Zoom (a video chatroom and phone conference room, you can use either one), so you can meet from wherever you are as long as you have an Internet or long distance phone connection. Classes are 2 hours and 15 minutes.

-Knowledge that you are not defective, cursed, or broken

-Skills on how the enemy plays tricks with your mind and how to beat him

-Accountability so that you are motivated to achieve your goals

-Specific principles that you can use the rest of your life on all areas: financial, spiritual, relationships, and physical

-Knowledge of questions you can use daily in your journal writing to increase your success

-Access to my web page “How to Lose 70 Lbs Without Exercise and Keep it Off”, which will be ready to view sometime in May 2016

-Knowledge on how to stop emotional eating

-4 steps to cure your sugar addiction for life

-the 6 new lessons added to the Eternal Warriors program in 2015

-Knowledge of how to master the hormone that controls fat burning

Come join me!

We will meet every Wednesday starting Wednesday May 18th

1 to 3 PM MDT

(we will skip Wed. July 13)


Regular Price is $179 for tuition

Then you pay $50 to order the materials kit 

(kit includes a journal, Like Dragons Did they fight book, DVD, and a link to downloads of talks by Maurice Harker, a therapist)

Early Bird Discount, $129, ends Friday May 13 midnight MDT

for returning Mothers Who Know/Eternal Warriors students the cost is $67 before early bird deadline, $97 after

Please register by going to and paying whatever applicable price, according to the date, to the paypal account <> In the notes section, please include your name and the best email for you to be reached so I can send you the link for the class.

I am giving away two registrations to the class! One for newcomers, and one for people who have already taken an Eternal Warriors or Mothers Who Know class. The winner will be chosen by a random drawing. Please comment below if you would like to enter the drawing. Mention if you are a new or returning student. The drawing will be held Friday May 6, 2016 at 8 PM.

I hope to see you there!

*This is called Eternal Warriors instead of the usual Mothers Who Know class because I am inviting men/fathers to join the class as well.

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