Totally Healthful Blueberry Muffins: Naturally Yeasted and White-sugar Free!

Here’s an awesome blueberry muffin recipe because it uses natural yeast. So that makes the grain in them wholly digestible. I got it from Melissa Richardson here. If you have trouble digesting wheat, I suggest you tap into all of Melissa’s resources (her two books about natural yeast and her excellent web site) so you can learn to make wheat digestible with natural yeast. Natural yeast is just a mixture of wheat flour and water that has been allowed to sour or ferment so that all of the anti-nutritive properties of the wheat have been broken down. 

The only thing I would do more for these muffins is maybe double the natural sweetener (the recipe calls for maple syrup or molasses, I used honey and that worked). If you don’t do that and eat these as is, you might be disappointed. Especially if are used to sweet
er things, you will probably want to double the sweetener, and even then, eat these fresh from the oven slathered with honey butter. Mmmm, mmm, good!

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