Plant Your Garden This Week In Sync with the Moon!

My dear friend Shauna emailed this to me and I am passing it on:

Did you know that certain days during the moon’s cycle are better for planting your garden than others? I was talking with my friend about appropriate days to plant your garden and thought some of you might appreciate this as well. Here is the link to the online farmers almanac with recommended planting dates.  If you think this is bogus, go ahead and plant whenever you feel like it. This applies to planting seeds, not starts.

 I will tell you though, that I’ve been gardening for 22 years and when I came across this idea (taught and popularized by Benjamin Franklin himself), I started taking notice and planted according to the “schedule” and realized that there is truth to this.  How did I know it was true?  Because of the actual amount of harvest I’ve gotten each year.  You will get a better harvest if you understand and follow these principles.  On years when I forgot to look at the calendar I had terrible and sometimes non existent harvest. This calendar is based upon the moon cycle and all ancient cultures including Egyptian, Mayan, and Oriental cultures have followed this.  
If you look at the link, you will see that next week, the 16th through the 20th are the best times to plant above ground crops. Root crops should be planted on 24th and 25th (beets, carrots, turnips, potatoes, etc)  
God bless you and your gardens!
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