If You Are on the Wasatch Front, Go See Vaxxed the Movie!

The following information comes from my friend Kristen Chevrier. She has worked to bring the documentary “Vaxxed” to a few theaters on the Wasatch Front. If you are open to learning about what’s going on with the mainstream health care system, please read this letter from Kristen and go watch the documentary Vaxxed. I am sorry to be getting this out so late, there’s only 1 day left to go see it, Thursday June 9th.

About a decade ago I heard about this controversy involving the MMR vaccine and Dr. Andrew Wakefield. I was sad to see how he had been treated by the medical community. I am heartened to see that people are hearing more about his story to wake up to what’s going on with the CDC, vaccines, and autism. It’s time to ask serious questions and get transparency and truth. 

Dear Friends,


We have a small window of opportunity in which to have a huge impact, not only on Utah, but on the nation.

A senior scientist who worked on the CDC’s 2004 autism/MMR study, and continues to work for the CDC, has come forward with over 8,000 pages of evidence thatthe CDC lied. They manipulated the data after finding that there was a connection between autism and the MMR, affecting children under age 3, across cultural and gender lines, but particularly black males.

Utah is the epicenter of this debate because we have one of the highest rates of autism in the nation and we have the chairman of the congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee living in Alpine.

I have worked hard to bring the documentary that details this story and the need for congressional hearings to Utah.

I need your support in filling the theaters so we can send a strong message to Congressman Jason Chaffetz and to all of our elected officials that we demand

  • truth, transparency, and accountability from the government agency tasked with safeguarding our health
  • that those who monitor safety should not also promote product
  • that vaccine manufacturers must be held liable for damage caused by their products
“Vaxxed” is NOT anti-vaccine. It is pro-safety, pro-transparency, pro-accountability, and anti-corruption.

Vaccine mandates are sweeping the nation and the world. And they are all based on this fraudulent study–“the study to end all studies.” It is critical that we hold congressional hearings, so we can learn the truth. Informed consent cannot exist without access to accurate information.

Please come see this movie, buy two extra tickets to bring friends, and pass this on.
June 6, 7, 8, 9; one screening per day at 7 pm (links below).

The Thursday showing at Thanksgiving Point will be followed by a Q&A with the director and producer, at no extra charge. 

(The Gateway had not yet posted showtimes last time I checked, but they have assured us that they will post soon.)

2935 Thanksgiving Way
Lehi, UT  84043

165 South Rio Grande Street 
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

More information: vaxxedthemovie.com
My overview of the back story and drama surrounding it can be found here. Click on Gayle Ruzicka>Gayle and Kristen on vaccines.

Please contact me with questions. 

Thank you, so much! 
Kristen Chevrier
Here’s an interview with the producer of the movie, in the video below.
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