Don’t Miss this Series of Blog Posts On “Birth Control”!

I have been reading a series of blog posts from a friend, Heather Farrell, co-author of the book below. She wrote them last year and I am finally posting about them. They are well worth reading!

No matter your stage in life as a mom, I encourage you to read these posts and share them with your older daughters, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters of childbearing age. They harmonize with what I have felt and known for a long time about “birth control” and having an attitude that is open to life.

Blog post #1 
“When it comes to having children, it’s all about having an open heart.”

Blog post #2

“The women who delivered Moses.”

Blog post #3

“A culture of light or a culture or darkness.”

Blog post #4

“No respecter of persons.”

Blog post #5

“A brief history of eugenics.”

Blog post #6

“Tamar: What’s a girl to do?”

Blog post #7

“The meaning of marriage.”

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