How to Enjoy Summer Food and Stay Low Carb

It can be tempting to indulge in pasta and buns in the summer at all the picnics, but if you are wanting to be low carb to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels down, then pasta and buns are out! (Insulin makes you fat. Think, insulin = insulate with fat.)

For your barbecues and picnics, focus on eating the grilled meats without a bun. Use a lettuce leaf for a wrap instead, or just top the meat with condiments, onions, pickles, and use a knife and fork. The bun doesn’t have much taste anyway, the taste is in the condiments and the meat. Eat your vegetables with lots of butter and sour cream so that you have fat to help you absorb the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in the veggies. Eating meat with lots of butter and sour cream helps too. Skip the carby desserts and make your own ice cream with cream, raw preferably, and stevia. Here’s my favorite grain free brownie recipe that I like to take to picnics.


I liked this blog post at Dr. Jason Fung’s web site for low carb tips in the summer months. It has a yummy ice cream recipe at the end. An easy version and a hard version. I like that the writer suggests putting butter, bacon, or avocados on all your meat. Yum! Enjoy your fat this summer! 

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