Halfway-Healthy Homemade Root Beer

For Independence Day, my 11-year-old son begged for us to make homemade root beer. It turned out super yummy and it only had 3 ingredients. It’s not exactly the healthiest version, I would say it is halfway between grocery-store soda pop full of white sugar and or high fructose corn syrup, and true old fashioned root beer made from plant roots. So if you want to go halfway with your root beer, here goes:

I got the recipe from my friend Jonell Francis, a mom of 10, gourmet cook, and expert on healing by changing the diet. Twenty years ago she changed her diet. The result was tremendous healing: she no longer felt chronic pain, inflammation, or any more symptoms of her autoimmune disease.

You can check out her cookbook and other products for improving your digestive health here.

3 cups hot water + 1 c honey (heat in a pot on stovetop and stir to dissolve the honey)

2 t root beer concentrate

5 cups cold water

In a gallon container, mix the ingredients. Then add 2 lbs of dry ice for carbonation.

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