Is There Such a Thing as a Green Vaccine?

If you’ve read my blog for a time, you know I occasionally blog about vaccines. I’m very much into questioning the safety of vaccines and learning about the politics and money involved. I’m not saying never use them, but study the issue and use them more discriminately. I also wish we could use them in a pure form, without neurotoxic preservatives. You can read my story of vaccinating after my daughter got a dog bite here. We were told she didn’t need a rabies vaccine right away, even though the dog had not been vaccinated for rabies, but she did need a tetanus shot. She definitely had a reaction to it, which makes me wonder what would happen if we followed the mainstream vaccination timetable of dozens of vaccines before a child is 12! If you are like me and have wondered if there is a pure form of vaccinations out there, here’s the latest, exciting news: you can vaccinate with “green vaccines”! These sound like the purest form of vaccines you can find. The fancy name for them is “homeoprophylaxis” and the book pictured above tells you all about it. Here’s a blog post to give a bit of the idea, and you can also attend an upcoming conference about it. The author of the above book and the blog post, Cilla Whatcott, PhD, will be speaking, as well as Sally Fallon Morrell, plus a lot of other educated speakers.

Homeoprophylaxis banner

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