Europe Resources for Give Your Child the World Book Club


The above book, Boxes for Katje, is one of my all-time favorite picture books! That’s because it involves love, kindness, surprises, and chocolate!  It is also based on a true story from WW2!

Here are some stories and articles for Latter-day Saints who are doing the Give Your Child the World Book Club this summer! This week the theme is Europe. We went to San Diego for a family reunion last Saturday and arrived back Wednesday, so I am late in posting these weekly themed resources. I plan on reading from these books long after the Aug. 22 deadline, because there are so many good books from the recommendations in the Give Your Child the World book. I want to read aloud some and get my kids reading all of them! I think one theme for each month is a more manageable pace for me, instead of one new theme a week!


The above is another one of my favorite picture books. It is inspiring to think that the King of Denmark was a true servant of the people, willing to be on their level.

The World of the Trapp Family

Articles and activities for kids:

Meet Loredana from Italy

Massimo of Italy paper doll

trivia, crafts, and food from Italy

Meet Arina from Russia

Vanya from Russia paper doll

fun facts, trivia, and recipes from Russia

Meet Saul from England

Lucy from England paper doll

fun facts, trivia, and recipes from England

Meet Minna from Sweden

Erik from Sweden paper doll

fun facts, trivia, and recipes from Sweden


Articles for mom and dad:

If you’ve never seen the BYUTV documentary productions about historical events in Europe, go watch them!

Let’s not forget all the great books out there full of stories that took place in Europe written by the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some of the ones that I have personally read and loved!


The above book tells the sweet story of the lady who introduced Pres. Uchtdorf’s family to the restored gospel in post-war Europe.


The above book is the autobiography of Elder Enzio Busche. In San Diego last Sunday when we went to church, a  young newlywed sister gave a talk and quoted him. She kept saying “Emeritus Busche” when she said his name. I don’t think she realized that “Emeritus” is not part of his given name, but means that he is a retired General Authority. It was rather cute! I can see myself making the same mistake. Anyway, Elder Bushe’s books is one of the best books I have ever read. It is so full of faith, love, and hope! It has so many great stories! I promise if you read it, you will love it!


I read this book 15 years ago in June of 2001 when I was pregnant with my third son. It tells the true story of Brother Frederick Babbel who accompanied Ezra Taft Benson when he traveled Europe after WW2. They gave out food and supplies to the suffering people who were recovering from the war. I remember reading how when they traveled with Pres. David O. McKay in a car across Scotland, Pres. McKay would get so distracted quoting poetry by Browning they would have to remind him to focus on the road. My favorite story was the one about a poor woman, in Germany as I recall, who was so destitute she cried when she was given a safety pin as part of her relief supplies. It really helped me appreciate what I have.


This book tells about who the lost tribes of Israel were scattered into Europe and how that connects to the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Fascinating!

If you  haven’t  read the book pictured below, make sure this is the summer you do! I read it the same time I read On Wings of Faith. it’s one of my all time favorite books because it shows the power of accessing God’s love to gety through trials. 

Then read the book about Corrie Ten Boom’s childhood so you can get the back story. It is amazing to see how her vision to help the Jews was shaped generations back in her family.

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