How to Start a Private, Family and Liberty-based School in Your Area

So maybe you homeschool, yet you recognize the value of having educational experiences for your child outside the home. Your children having friendships with homeschooled peers can determine how happy they are with homeschooling. If you are in this situation, I highly recommend that you form a group based on the licensed New Commonwealth School model. This is what I am doing in my new community. We had a new commonwealth school (named before the licesned part was added on) and my older children loved it! They benefited so much from it. They got to learn in a setting with homeschooled peers, they got to have assignments from someone other than me, which helped prepare them for college, and the classes they took at the commonwealth school went on a homemade high school transcript to help get them into college.

As we approach August, it’s prime time to round up your homeschool tribe so you can get a group together for the coming school year! (Which, despite Arizona public school standards, I believe should start after Labor Day. Here in AZ, schools are starting the first week of August! Aw c’mon, it’s still summer!) So talk to your friends about having a liberty-based, family-based school, get them to come to your house, and show them these videos. 

The first video above shows the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy in a nutshell. This is the philosophy that the New Commonwealth School is based on.  

Then this video above shows Oliver DeMille talking a bit about the philosophy.

The video below shows what the “Love of Learning” phase looks like. Years ago, New Commonwealth Schoools were just for ages 12 and up. Many of them have gradually changed to include classes for children under 12, what TJEDers call the “core” and “love of learning” age groups.

Then I would show this video from Brenda Haws. Brenda mentors moms in forming Licensed New Commonwealth Schools. 

Here are a few testimonials about New Commonwealth Schools.

After showing these videos, ask who wants to be part of your school and learn from Brenda about the New Commonwealth School model. Then contact Brenda using her contact page here. Talk to her about the next step for your group and you are on your way! 

If your group has time, watch this video below from Aneladee Milne which explains the New Commonwealth School model in more details. Aneladee developed the model and taught people how to form schools after the model. Then she sold her New Commonwealth School training business to Brenda. Skip to the 5:29 mark, where she says “Let me tell you what I understand about covenant communities…” as the stuff before it relates to proposed legislation in Utah for 2014. It was about compulsory education, and it didn’t pass. New Commonwealth Schools are based on the idea of having a covenant community, just like the Pilgrims had.

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