Visit from My Mom

My sweet mom braved leaving the comfort of her home and came over 1000 miles to visit us! Before I moved to AZ, I only ever lived an hour away from her at the most. When I was in college, I lived 30 minutes away and came home almost every weekend before I got married to do my laundry, primarily, let’s be honest here, and secondarily, to see my family. After I got married, we used our apartment’s laundry machines, so the laundry factor was out of the equation. I  then visited my parents at least once a month for Sunday dinner. After we got our own laundry machines we still kept up the Sunday dinner thing of about once a month. My kids have grown up having frequent Sunday dinners seeing their grandparents and cousins. After 24 years of marriage, we moved out of state so sadly, the Sunday dinner visits are no longer feasible. My older out of the nest kids attend these when they are in town. But for me, not seeing my parents about once a month or once every two months is a new experience.

The reason she got to come was because my sister had a family reunion in Mexico for her husband’s family. Regrettably,  I didn’t get a picture of my sister and her family for the brief time they were here. They stayed one night, the night of my son’s birthday when I made my favorite gluten free birthday cake. They went to church with us and then left Mom/Grandma here while they went to Mexico. Lucky me! Everyone needs a mom like mine to dote on them. She brought a box of my favorite herbal tea, licorice root, an aloe vera plant start from her plant back home so I can have my own down here, and a book I have been coveting for ages, Teach the Children, by Neil Flinders. Remember my book haul from the Deseret Industries thrift stores (D.I,) when I was in Utah a month ago? I went to four D.I.s and couldn’t find it. I saw it on Amazon and the price for a used copy had gone way down. So I was thinking of buying one that way. Then a week after I left Utah she found it at one of the D.I.s I had already checked. Wa-hoo!

We had a great time together! My mom and I both have similar views about politics and health so we shared our news and resources about both topics. I learned about a radio show that I found in podcast form, about liberty, by Krisanne Hall. So I showed her how to listen to it on her phone.  It made great listening for her while she did some hand sewing and mending. I love that my  mom is always willing to help me catch up on the mending. That’s something that I have been always woefully behind on in my whole years of marriage and motherhood. She even sewed some trim on some shirts and sweaters that I bought at thrift stores and have been wanting to spruce up to make them more Type 1 from Dressing Your Truth. We took her to swim lessons, to the park, to the Farmers’ Market, and to see the statue of the Virgin Mary on the mountain side by our home. None of us are Catholic but we enjoy seeing the cultural points of interest in the area. She also came with us to our church’s Pioneer Day Celebration. She got super excited seeing that I live in a mesquite tree forest, because she found all these recipes online for mesquite flour. To put it in her words, “You are surrounded by a year’s supply of food!”

Disappointingly, we found out that these mesquite pods could not fit through the holes in my Nutrimill grain mill. The blender didn’t work either. I know she left to go back to her home and my dad feeling sad about all this. But guess what? Less than a week after she left, we went over to finally introduce ourselves to our neighbors, after living here for 6 months. I know, I am slow at things like this. The missionaries were coming over for dinner in two days and I had told them last time we would meet our neighbors before they came again. Anyway, we took a plate of cookies over. The next day, one of them came back to us bearing gifts. Guess what one of the gifts was? A ziploc bag full of mesquite flour!!! The neighbor had no idea that just the week before my  mom and I had given up on grinding our own. The neighbor told me exactly what i  needed to do to grind it. She said what to look for when I collect the pods, and that in October at the local Farmers’ Market, I can pay $5 to get the pods ground up by a hammer mill. Hooray! I think I will mail this bag to my mom! It’s so lovely to feel God’s hand working through people around me, people who I have barely met, to provide for our small desires, like finding out how to grind mesquite pods into flour. That’s how amazing God is!

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