How to Start a Love of Learning Girls’ Club

Maybe you as a homeschooling mom have wanted to do some kind of club for your daughter between the ages of 8 and 12. I remember being that age and desperately wanting some kind of club.(Mom wouldn’t let me do Girls Scouts.) I wasn’t homeschooled but I wanted something outside of school to make friends and explore different activities. Here’s a great option for you, the Crowned With Virtue Girls Club, sponsored by the good people of

This is a companion club to the Mastering Knighthood Club for boys I blogged about last week. The club is designed to meet once a week or once every other week. Each month, the girls study a different standard of Christian-based, virtuous girlhood. They read a book about a great woman from history who exemplified that standard, like Mother Teresa or Rosa Parks. The girls learn leadership by taking turns leading the group in activities that they choose. They also learn public speaking by taking turns presenting about something they are passionate about. It is a “love of learning” club in that the girls are not required to do anything, but gently encouraged. The only “homework” is to read the books and prepare to share a presentation and activity. These aren’t required but most girls are eager to share.

So if you are interested, go here and read more about and then click “sign up now” to get enrolled. The fee is $75, which gets you the handbook on how to organize your own club, and a separate curriculum guide to guide you through a whole year’s worth of meetings. You also get access to training by email from Queen Emily on how to run the club. As a culminating activity, it would be so fabulous to take the girls to the Crowned with Virtue Girls’ Summit, but that’s totally optional. The pictures here on this blog post are from that event. It’s held every year on the Wasatch Front in Utah in June.

I really love that the curriculum touches on religion and faith in God. It encourages girls to find strength through faith in God, and to demonstrate that faith through service to family and community. It teaches girls to aim high! I also love that it provides leadership opportunities for teen girls at the yearly Summit. 

Huzzah for standards! Huzzah for learning! Huzzah for virtuous girls! Huzzah for feminine strength, beauty, and truth!

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