Free Kindle Book of 50 Pumpkin Recipes

50 Pumpkin Recipes: What the Heck Am I Going to Cook With All These Pumpkins!?! (Cooking With Leftovers Book 1) by [Sommers, Laura]

Here’s a free Kindle book (at the time of publication) full of recipes for pumpkin-y baked goods. It’s not totally whole foodsy, so I suggest a few substitutions:

  • melted butter for canola or other vegetable oil
  • sucanat for sugar
  • maybe raw milk with a bit of sugar added for the sweetened condensed milk
  • bone broth for the vegetable broth

It’s got quite a variety of recipes, from the old standbys of pumpkin bread and pie, to pumpkin soup in a pumpkin bowl, to roasted pumpkin seeds, to fried pumpkin, to Mexican pumpkin candy. Who knew you could make so many t hings out of pumpkin? Enjoy!

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