New Scientific Model that Promotes God and Universal Flood

My fun friend Shauna has been enthusiastically sharing news about the Universal Model. This is a model for science developed by Dean Sessions. It allows for God and natural law, as well as Noah’s Flood. I just got wind from Shauna that Mr. Sessions is speaking tonight in Las Vegas and the speech will be broadcast on Facebook live. Listen to the new podcast just published today by Oak Norton of Agency-based Education and tune in tonight to the speech. Also, Oak Norton, the podcaster who interviewed Dean, has arranged with Dean for a coupon code for the book.

Here are details about the event tonight and the coupon code for the book, in Oak’s message below. Mr. Sessions will be speaking in Utah this week as well, and Shauna has arranged a coupon code for that too.

Here’s the message from Oak:

Hello friends,

Last week I attended a lecture on Friday night on something called the Universal Model. I am now confident this is about to create one of the greatest controversies ever seen in the world of science. Things are about to turn upside down. The reason this is called the Universal Model is because as soon as they discovered one truth about one system of science, it affected another system, and another, and another. Every field of science is affected by this “universal” and unified model. It even perfectly explains how a universal flood happened and covered all the mountains with water. I spoke with Dean last night and made it into a podcast which you can listen to here.

https://www.agencybasededucati al-model-science/


On the podcast you’ll hear me mention this but I wanted to be sure you knew this right away. Wednesday night, 12/7, Dean is doing a presentation in Las Vegas at 7 PM PST, 8 PM MST. It will be streamed live over Facebook. Go to and scroll to the bottom and click the Facebook link if you would like to tune in for free. Also notice at the bottom of the page, Dean will be in Sandy and Orem on Friday and Saturday nights to do presentations. Those will cost a little money to attend but may be something you want to go participate in.


Dean has also graciously created a discount code for me for Book 1 of his Universal Model. Three books will be released eventually. Book 1 can be purchased using “ABE” as a discount code for 25% off the digital edition (and in about a month you’ll be able to download an app for offline use). This is a time limited offer good for 30 days. If you want to get a copy of the book, do it now. I think it’s pretty amazing and should be available in every home. Physical editions of the book will be available next Spring.


Shauna has arranged a coupon code for that too. Here is her message:

I hope many of you can make the time to go this coming weekend.  I arranged a discount code for any from my circles who want to attend.  Normal prepurchase is $5.  You can get 1/2 off by using the code.
Here is the lecture information: https://
Discount Code: “UMUTAH50″  Get tickets 1/2 off price of $5 if you purchase in advance.  Thats only $2.50 per ticket.
If you cannot physically attend, at least listen to his podcast he did the other evening with Oak (featured at the top).  I hope many of you will attend this weekend either in Sandy or Orem.
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